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Brig. Gen. Hamid

Histnry IIId the

Anny: atlll Maj.Gen. Wall<ICe C. Amoldon "Military History IIId Rare:

An additional well.rro;:lved ftalurt ofthe fellow.

ship program wu the Civil Wlr

ride. Led hy

several mc:mhers orthe fcllowshipslllff. the visited the Antleum IIId Geuysburg


lhcir intmdo.Ktion 10 thc slaffridc. Many ofthese umc professors lilcr will u s,S! lhe professor of milit.:uy sticra: and cadre althelr respective institutions with the Cadet Ride ["IOnion oI"the ""U:OOllmissioning proc. ess. In addltloo \0 these tlllO battlefield stops. this

the U.S. Anny Onln3llCc Mu_ Kum (Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.) and the U.S. Anny Military HislOry Instilute (Carlisle l:Iarr;acks, 1';0.), During thc afternoon II Aberdeen the fellOWS viev.-ed the mU$Cum's nlcnsive holding,; as well as re cemly arrived trainload of captured Iraqi equipment. including TS4/SS. T62, .lnd TI2 lanks; aMP and M1"R·60 fi ahtine vehio;lcs: a wide variCly of Klf propelled and towed artillcry pieces; and many other vehicles. Al the Military !listo!)' IllSIitUte the fellows TCccived briefin&s on the divcTllC hnldin&S al Carlisk. followed by I very brief period for personal rescan:li. 1'he fellows considered this four_day v<:ntuTC from West Point a major higlllight of their slay. yt:u'!

TIle suIT filled the fellOWS' ......:..:kcnds with op. lion;l1 evenu as an ;JdditiOflll npponunity 10 enrich


their monlli .lI We!<1 Point. Lcd hy members of the USMA History !>;-p.1rtment racul1y. most visited the Saratoga lnd Siony Point battlefields and several visiled Fon Ticonderoga and Cmv.'11 PoinL A nllmber of the fellows al'lO had in opptInunity 10 vi8il New Yor\ City.

The USMA-ROTC Cadet Command Mililary Hislory Fcllowshipcontinues lOptayan Imegral part in the Cadet Command's Military HislOry Edo.KlIlion Pmgmll and 10 rOSIer I 5lmngcr bond het....un lhe militlry and the world of civilian :tadcme. It is liltle \YOIIdI:r thlltlhe fonner chief of military history, Maj_ Gen.William A. SwOt called lhe [lfOamll "a national

and a 1991 fellow wrote Ilt.at ··the ft'31 S!rcn;th of the fellowJhif! was !he loul immersion in mililU)' hi:story. II ....as the most intensive ICiming

experience ofmy life."

ofthc Involvemenl of

college and

professors from all over the

United St.iICS, nolcd miHt3!)'

and lhe USMA

hi:ltOry rarully. the USMA-ROTC Cadet Command


FcllowJhipmUSl be comidcral oneof

!he IIaISoo's moo infiu..

programs in military

C111". lA!slie H. 8e/trlal' a/IJ Capt. Kim ,.,. Juntunen /lie iN:JdIll.U<Sfllll/ pro{CS$MS 0{llliliwry Irinory III lilt. lkfXUlmUIl o/lIlJlory. U.s. Milila? AcaoUlII)'. WUI



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