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2. New York: TIle Ccnlury Company. 1884.

following sources:

U.S. War Dep;lrunenl.

WlIT 0/

Rtbtllion: A

In!he cominemal Uniled

U.S. Army Ccn!er

C o m p i w r i o n O / C M O l c l a l . R u ( ) n b o { t h t U I I i o I I a n d ! l C n . e s I . v o l . 1 9 . p a r \ $ I a n d 2 . CotVtduf1/e

WHhinglOl1: U.s. Govemmeol Prinling Office, 1&&9.

of Millury HislOry, A1TN: DAMIt.F1L (Mr. Ted Ballard), SouLhca5! Federal CeNtr. Oldg. 1.59, WaY\. inllOO. D.C. 20374·5018 (DSN 33S·290S, commer·

Modem tOflOgraphical maps of the N1t1ef\cld area

cial 202....75.29(5).

(Keedysvillc, FunkSlOwn, and Williamsport, Mary. land; and Shcp/lcrdSlown. WeSI Virginia. quadrangles cover !he area. all 1:24OC1O scale) are available for we at the ANklam National P.O. lSI, SIlal(Mu'1. Md. 21782. Copies Ire also aVlilabie from !he U.S.Geological Survey. Denver. Colo.1I022S

or Reslon. Va. 22002. 1lle OOSI is S2.50 per

A blxk and white mapo(lhc baUlefield.

Mililary History Direc!or, Dcpanmem ofNaLiollai Sua!c,y. U.S. Army War College. Carlisle Barracks. r.. 17013·5000 (OON 242·3207, commercial 711· 245·3207).

Oin:c!DI'. CombaL Studies Insli!ULe, U.S. Army CornmUld UId General SuofT College, Fon leaven· wOnh, Kans. 66027·6900 (DSN S52·2810!3831, commercial 913·6S<\·28 1CV)R31).

In SCpo h o w n » d s . f e n c : c s , a n d I C m b t r 1 8 9 2 I , a v a i l a b l c f r o m t h e A n t i e t a m N a l l o o a I Bookstore II. COSI of $1.00 per map.

IIQ11. Dc-partmen! of

U.S. Military Acad·

emy, West PUim. N.Y. 1099b (DSN 688·2810. rom·

mcn;iaJ 914·938·2Ob8).

TIle most overall dclailed b.1!Ud"1c1d maps Ivail·

able are ascncs of!4

(Carman-Cope) asscmbloo

in !he ISIlOs wilh I.hc help of VClCrans from bottuides. Copies are available from the (i.cur,rapily and Division. Ubnry of Conllt:S$. Washincton. D.C. 2054Q. The COSI oflhese maps varies, depending upon lhe Iypc: of n:production. Inquiries should Ill: directed

In Eumpe: OLlef. Mili!ary IIi510ry Office, ATT1II: AEAGS·MH, Hcadquaner.;. U.S. Army, Europe. and Seventh Army. Arc New Yort 09403 (DSN 370- M 12/1127).

In KQ<U: CommUld Historian, A1TN: SJS·H. HcatlquarteT5. EIShLh Army. APO San Francisco 9630I ·OHXl (DSN 31S·723·5213J$214).

!O Ihc GcoJ;raphy and Map Division b2n.

(20'2) 707·

LiJTry A.(ltd" J8allD'diJ1I1oilJOrilin In /htCtruu' I

Additional ;Jidvice and assistance on how 1(1 plan and conduct staff rides may be obt:aired frnm Lhe

Fidd and IruUNUimtaI a/ iII/lit CMI War.

...i,h a J.p«w iltJtT.


Conferences of Army Historians Focus on World War II

The CcnlCr ofMilit ary HislOl)' continues to com· memor.lle Lhc Ii nicth anniversary of World War 11 in

varicCy of WI)'$, includin, m emphasis on Ih3t conflid during tilt: Ccnler'l his!orical conferences. I

!heme of Lhe conference will be '1'he U.S. Anny in World War lI·The McditeTr.ITICan and European Theaters." Orlce ag.in, and ac:ademic histori;w; will he CI1OOUl1Iged 10 1Ilend and JUnicipale

The Elghlh Conference of Anny Hislorians in MaTCh 1990 was aucnoJed by over200Anny hislori;w; from acrms the Uniled Statu and overseas. U.S. Army hlstoNO$ "'"tn: joined by ollIcial historians from Cm;Jda, the United King(lom, IIlc: Federal Re· public ofOcnnany. F!"lInce. Austria and lI.:dy u well as

by acMkmic specialists in

lIislOry. Topical

in topical

wilh lheirU.S. Armycolleagues. wilh

and hiSlOrians flOm olher scrvices. ScssioO$ may Include presm!aLions on poli!ical and milibry kadcTllhlp, SI,,!e,ic decisions. !he AnnY'1 uptri. ences I! Sicily, Aruio, Cassino, Normandy. the Banle

of ihc Bulge and other pivotal lhe homefmnt. For t'unhcr

3nd life on please OOnLaCI

panels were 01ll.:rni1.ed around Lhc conference theme: "The U.S. Army in World W.r IIThrougll!he Summer of 1943.M

The Ninlh Conference of "'my HiJ.!orians i$ p181lred for 8· 12 June 1992 in WilShingion. D.C. The

Dr. Judilh Bellaralre of the Field and InlCma(ionai Division, US. Anny CenterofMilitary HistOl)'. Bldg. IS9. SEFC".,IWNY, Washington. D.C. 20374·5081. T e l e p h o n e : D S N 3 3 5 · 2 9 0 S o r c o m m e r i c a l 2 0 2 . . . . 1 S · ' ' ' ' '


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