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The Air Defense Artillery Museum Fort Bliss, Texas

John T. O


Earlier Lhis)'I.'ar lliSlOI)' was made In Saudi Ar.lbia, where Fort Dliss-1nincd li r defense Inillel)'mcn and



helped 10 provide Lhe

thuno;ler and lightning for Opcl'lllion DESERT STORM. Th: eyes Of everyone :II Fun Bliss wrre focuSC'd !lQuarely on those ev<'fll.l in the desen. as Americans wondered whal lht news ofLhe pn:sem millhl mean for the fUlure.

A5 Lhe nation and Lhe Army COI\lIiders Ihe rill ieth aMi'lCcl'Ul')' of Wood War II.II-.: Fon 81," Museums Division Is shifting II-.: focus to a moot: diU3nl p:W.

Anilkl')' Museum, Fon Bliss. ;and the 3d Annored Cav;tlry Museum. began la,;t summer with the ;NUgU· ntl'-rhcir Finesl Hour••Th: Baltle of Britain." lb: uhlhlt was <I depiction of a Nille with g=t signifi. CIlnce to <li r defense hi,;tury. l.e.• the first lime an

Inttgrated air ddem.: using .in:r1n• .lIlIil.ircraft de· fenses, and radar, was put 10 the tC,;t against a S1fOng

opposing ai r furce. the German l.J4tv.·affc. The e.hib!t opened on ]0 Ju]y ]990-li fty years to the day after

the Batik of Brita,n officlal]y bcll3ll-using .... audio· visual slide: present:llion in conjumion with an 2Ildio

when tIw:

Hawk, and Slinger

crew! fought I.ht:

;reat lir defcn.<C NtUCl; in

viwil map,

poinlli and events as these wen:

related in the namltion. R0)'31 Canadian Ai r Fon;c

history. II w ;u a lime when cavall')' hccamc annon:d and when Fon Bliu ceased being merely a

cavall')' post to become an antiaircraft Intining eenttr and. eventually, the home o f air ddensc anil· leI')'. II wu also a time of Wlr 19aill!lt eocmies whose mil ilal)' pmwcss left the queslilln of victory or defeal In doubc throughout much uf the conflict.

Museums Division has planned an nhibit progr;m commcmol'lltingLhe fifty·year Innivel'5.ll)' of Wond War II fur showinlllhrouthout ihe annivel'Ul')' period. lb: division. composed of the AIr Dcfen.o;c

datinG fmm tIK: Battle of Brilain pcriOlJ, loaned by the Canadian War MUKUm. and BrilWl anti Gennan ai n:nft models buill by I widicr III Fun Bliss IOUnded oul !he exhibit.

the Battle of Brilllin WlI5!he firs! test theories tIm "the bombc r wou]d always Itt through." To U.S. Army <lir dcfen!IC planl1el'$, the ballic wasofimmen.o;c imponancc•• pn.:vicwofwhat the Uniled St.l1CI could expect if atlacked. Unkno..T\ allhe time was the fact that the syACm devised by the British 10 defend themselves 1li:3iOSt the U tw<tJc

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