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would pioneer air

PM Blin

.lir clcfendc:rs who vkw«l!he six-m(JI1th·long CJ.hibil

rea"lgnizOO the:

cmployed by the RritiSh

War. !he Americlll homefmm. "Kilruy Was Hcn.::;· I social the AmC1'iCIn CI.:and the defense of Anl""erp and the Rcmagen brid{;dlC3d hy U.S. air


intelttpt, and

an allackinK

defense forttS during World W.U.


, . T h r o u & h I 9 9 S t h e F o n B l i s s M u s e u m s D i v i s i o n will be offering I yariety of clhibil$ and pI'Ol:rarn,

Irtliyerury eYcnls in ai r defense and Fan 1I1i5S hiSlOf)'. In March 1991, '"IIOIITImcr. SaVi.


year in

Asia will

Iinue to hold the world', altention for 5OO"IIC months and wlii. in lime. be !he of deUi lled histories and analyses. AI !he same timc. howeycr, as !he nallon entcrslhis fifticth anniversary period, it is filling th:u.

Trowel, and Ru1c--Moblll•.ation


im »! C11)I1 El Puo" will delailthe: r.!pid

1940-41 .

ShoWTI will be the

and lis of of Fon


alw rencclon lhose whooncc foughllO free

the woOd from

during the most piYOUI event

in the Iwtmieth century. wor1d War U.

Bli.'" from I

post to

IlIliaircrafi ccnler. the

expansion of the fon and adjoining land. and the imp;lClthis wartime hIlilding boom had on El Pa.o;o.

Mr. JoIvt T. (Tim) O'C;orman i.I e,.,mot 11/ the U.s. A'my AI, Deftll$t Artillery MWStilm .Fon BILu. TelOS.

planned are exhibilS clcaJing Vlith the PKiflc

The Archaic Archivist

The theme for thi, i5sue is the U.s.Army and the coming of W011d War II, culminating in the allack on Pearl Harbor. TIlis column <\eSeribe! some $iGftl fiQllI hnldinl:S of the: Archiyes Branch of the U.S. Anny Military Ilistory Institute. Car1iste 8arnch,

From fomgn capitals oorm: !he pipers of Anny

anaches: mcmolrs of Col. T ruman Smith In Herli n

( 19].6.39): memoirs of Col. Ivan

in Mc)SQ)w

(193941); lellers and memoirs of Cnl. BradfOrd Chynoweth in London (April·September (939): and

17013-j.(X)8 .

are reminded


or Col. Raymond Lee in t,.oo


ha.. sub!itamlal published

well as

m;\/\uscripl and pictorial holdings on the ildYCfll of the war.

The ,athering stonn clouds in the 1930$ and the first two ye.an:of Workl War II wtre 8!u-dicd ;u lIlTI!flt

event!; at the U.S.

War College,


the: las! !hereafter.

class ,radualCd in 1940. but also $Iudies art rcflccll:d in

don (June dilJ'f from


19 4 t ) .



London VIii.< kept by LI. Col. Oarks Bolte.

who 2rvOO on Maj. Gen. 194I-JI.lIIe 1942). Oral

t"haney's ml5Sion tnnscriptS, as

well as 11\ Augusl 194 Ilccturc, "CornpliICency Ends at the War Froot;' reflect Capt. Frank Besson·S viSits 10 the United KlIIgdom elllier thJ.1 year on behal f of the Army EnGineer Board.

lab!. lectures, and stuclcill

in the AWC Curricu

lar Archiye!;.

of the S1udcnt!; in the last len

pre war clas.o;es went on \0 become anny, corps. and division CMlmandcn during the: conflict.

Another Army engineer. Capt. AUSlin BeltS, re counts in memoirs his npcricr>Ccs in the Bennuda EnginccrDiSlrict. while LI. Donald COllI" documcnlS from ForceTuna concern the Jamak a Rase Command.

Over.;cas pt:llIpecllycs on fOl"C!;hadow;ng nght!; lppCu in the: papcrsofLl. William lJiddle, whoscrvcd

on the League of Lytton inye.qi,.ting !he

under Lord conquest of M;u\

Both of these soorcc:J

America'i fOfWard

as pan of !he de;!;tf'O)'Crs-for-hascs :ur.vlge ment with the British..

Melllwhile on the mainlm1. the Army was bol

churia. :and in the p;tpcrll ofCOL Henry

who as

a newsman covered the ItalillJ1 conqIM:J;t of Ethiopia and theSpanish Ciyil War. U!:JII:ful infonnatinnon the Ethiopian war, the situation in the lIaikans. and the early 1940$ .appcv-s in the diaries and plperll of Col. William J. Donovan. future direclOr of the orne<: of

Strlltegic Scrvia:s.

Stcring for eyenluality. pcnpcCllve5011 this el"ldaVQT

War Or:panmc"t in the papers of

Brig. Gen.

Brehon Sornervell Ind Co!. leslie R.

CillT\les. Jr.. o f the Construction B1WICh. Quartennu· tcrGcncrat's Office; t.hc p;lpCrs of Maj. Gen. Cicorse A. Lynch, the Chief of Infantry: the diaries of Col. Orlando Ward and nw:moirsofCoi. William Ciill ofthe:


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