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Wu Dcpanmcnl General Slaff Secn:tariat; lhc: mem oirs ofCol. Sidney SjWdlng ofthe PruduClion 8ranctl/ OfflCn of the: AMlsanl Sccn:1ary and of lhe: Under Sc<:rNary of War. the: recoliecliOlIS of MIJ. Cuter Magrudcr of the 0-4 Ofl1ce; the: papers of 8 rig. Gen. kusseU MIX_D. the Administr.llor of E_pon Coo· tml; mel the: volumillOU$ p;I(lers or Brig. Om. (laler Gcneral) Le",is He rshey. the DireelOT of Selcalvc Scl"'ice.

A dlffertnl v<U"1lage ",I!hin Washington com"'"

from the rteoIleaions of CongrtSSman


of lhc

Military Affairs Commlnee ar4 the

dilries o r John E. P. Mullan. a

on behalf of

mlllufaciurers or mililary obsel"'lIion airplano;:s. ArlDIherlnnuential civilian ",.sOW\cs Minot Dolcor Ihe NatiOl1al Ski Pwol, "'oose leucrs of 1940-41 10 Gcneru GcOllCC. M)l'5h;L)1 MgUed thc imponanceof

cruling mountain lroops In the US. Anny.

Expericnct5 in the field Ire also richly n:pn:

scnled. Among the In.qltute·s manycollCClion$can be ciled lhcutensive papel1of Lt. CuI. WillisD. Crincn berl:C' and the Rotx:n Omw on the ren.a.scenco:. of American armor at Fun Kno. In the 1m 1930s. th;: papers of 8rig. Gen. Alvan C. Gillcm, Jr., 011 the 2d Annored Divi$iun al Fun Rennlng In 19404 I, lhc: Cllartcs COrcn<WI on Ihe mubilil,lt!on of Ihe fl,nnsylvlflia National Guan! :II fon Indiantown Gap In 1941. Ind numerous K counts of the various fleld maneuvers and ",ar g;unes in Ne'" yort.nd Ihe South. Pmicularly peninen\;m: the papers of Cap.. Wal ter K. Wilson. Jr.• 3d neers, ",110 $CI"'ed in Ilawaii until juS! I few months

befure Pearl Harbor was atlackcd.

Many of these offICers would bcrome gCI"l:r&il

d u r i n g o r a f l c r t h e . . . . " . l 1 l e I n s t i t u l e a h o


papel"$ nr

orrlCCl"$ who were already general

orricers hy 194I- Ll. Gen. Hugh Orum. Lt. Gen.

Stanley Ford.

Gen. Gcorge Gnmen,


LL Gen. Waltcr Krueger. TruesdeU, and Brig. Gen. who had received a star during (he th;: previous yeu_Teny Allen, Benjamin Davis. Sr., Roben Eichctl)crger, John Lucas. Willi;un Simpson. and fm:! Wallace. Theirpapcrsshcdllghtoot/w: Anny that entered World War II. Gcn.K'rl

Fur the Army, IlUtained rombat began with lapl' fleX aUack. on American pOSitions In the heif'" in D=:mbc. 1941. TIle institute's archival ooldings on the defen:«: of the PIliHppincs over the ensuing si. mOrllhs are wbs!.antial and substanUve. An entire Ar·


c h a i c A r e l l i _ l S I c o l u m n c a n ( a n d . d o u b t l e s s . w , l I ) h e

...·ritten just M Ihat subjca.


prOper, maou§cripl



but51ill infonnalive. 11lcy inctude wa.·

time Irttcrs hy Lt. Col. Hcmen Black.....cll, Scparate COist Anillery Brigade Headquancrs aI FOIl Sluncr. Pvl. Edward Rowser. 21st Inf:lll1ry. and Mrs. Richard

....·ife of a caplain in the 19th Infantry. An·

other....ifc's account. U "'ell as


inthe mcmoil"$ofMaj. and Mrs. Steili'm Yeo,8th Field Ani lkry Battalion. Immediatc countcnnc;lS\ll"eS fOI'


an: recorded in the mcmoirs of

Col. J. Lawton Colli,...;. "'ho wlS dispatChed lu ltawaii immediately arterlhe altKk. 1llc sulJ.(eqocnt military


Gen. kI$cph Mc·

Namey's copks of the prnaedlnJ:s. as ...-ell u n:. flccted in related papers. fill tCn OOXI:$ of LI. Gen. W:LIttr Shun's papers. From the vam:q:e of


perspcdiwc, 50ITlC reoul lcClioos hy

1i.1bo. WCtCr.1OJ arc being reconkd in the institute's ongoing World War II SUI"'ey. Prof. Stanlcy Wein

(l1Iub of

State University. moreover,

hMdonatcd th= boxaofn.'collcctions by pel"UlMCl and civiliam. ho!h in Hawaii and on (hc mainland, of t.hc:ir reactions to the Ittack on Pearl Harbor: these n:colLc(:I.inns "'ere gathcn::d for IIi, hook

ton, Day',

I NO Will". reminiscences .md through contem·

pOraneous Icucrs. diariC5.

documcnts, the Instl

lute'slrehival huldinj!S pnWide cxtensivc coveragc Oil the U.S.....nny and the o;omlng uf World War II.

Air Force Academy Military History Symposium

The UnilC1l Statd ....Ir f""'OICe ....cademy ",ill hold the Fifteenth Military Hislory Symposium. "A RC'lolutionary War: Kon:a ilnd the Trallsfor. mation of the Post-War Wori(l," 14.16 October

  • 1992.


    • T.

      N. C..

runhcr infonnat ion c:ootact: C3pt. ItQ US....FS/DFlI. USAF Academy.


1((1840·,701. or phone (719) 472·3230.

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