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ho....ever. apa" from the ooeulonaileclUre, Is ilCrvice for onc yeat as I visiting prnfe550r at !he National Def(t15C University.

I havc thtte reservations about this book, First,

one finds in this wort a dislil1(:t tCndCr1oCy \(I denigJOle American miliury institutions and 10 venerate and Gennan instilvlions. For van Creveld argues tIw neither the American tradilion Ofapolitical military SC:l'\llce nor the pn.ctkc of !laving ap('lOint· mcms to the natlnn's military academies approved by mc.nbers of Qmgre.o;s pmmotes military cITcCtivc· ness. Tllc asscnion may ormaynot be vllid. What il flils 10 appn:ciate.however, is Ihallhls is wtlal !.he Founding Fathers of !.he United States intended. 1llcy were explicitly ....illing It) tr.Jdc a fairl y large Imoum ofmilitarydfectiveneQto obIain a vcry high

ISSUrIIlCl: LhaI:!.he politiul instilUlioos ofthe Republic would Uwayj enJOY Oomin:anee over !.he milit.ry. Neither Gennany nor ISr.ld, with their much


geo·str.llCgie siluations, could alford

thi. IU1ury. However. in defense of the American S)'SlCm It mu!!. he pointed out thaJ. while io the shnn run the Uniled StaIe$ has been disadvlllueed by its b(:1t of mlllt.ry preparedness. in the long run ilS ability to syro:;hn:mi1.c Its mUltary efro". with its pol ilieallntem has proven mon: of a blessing ltwl • bane.

Sec:ond, then: an: indications that vall Cn:veld's infonnalion is not always ul>'lO<1I;uc, illi in two amplca from the Anny Command and Geocral Stall College(CGSC), with which lammusl familiar. First. he stales \hat the Leaveowonh syw:m of dc$iJlWing honor gfllduales should be Idopkd by all SUlrr col. leges, In poin! of fICI, rosc dropped the prlICiioc: of

honor groiduales in academic year 199o. 87 when II ch.ang<:d ils basic rTlCthod of instruction fram lectun: 10 Kminar and iLS method of student c:nluallon from multiple ehoice "objective·'uamina lions 10 subjective r.&lings by (.culty memherJ b.1scd an the SOlutlnn of taclical problems, partldpacion in sc:minars. and the production of wrilten analyses ror variou.s oourscs, He funher stalCS thillthe possibility ofaw;mling an M.A. degree In milibty science should he considered for those wlYl take the Leavenworth secnnd-ynrprogrlm. As a mallcroffact, the award of !he muter of milil'ry'l'I$ and sc:il:ncc degrtt. has boc:n an Intcgr.al pan of this prngram 5incc its inccplion in 19113.

Third, and most imponant, van Cn:vcld's pre· scription ror the refOTm Ofsc:nlor·!cvel educalion falls to l;a);C account of the diSllro:;1inn belwttn IUItional miHwy str.llegy and national SCCllrity (or

Itnllcgy, cach of which n:quiR:II its o....n


analysis. Van Cn:veld would have the UnIted SUleS abolish the scrvice war oolletu in favoroh joint war ooIlcge: for a1llhe amtoed services, He would divide the curriculum of !hll college into Ihree paM: joint operalions; nnnmlllury aspects of war- political. social, and coonomk dimcnsilllts: and nne nnmnlliury subjea completely unconnet'led 10 the srudcnt's mill· tJl')' specially. The probIo:m Is tNt this curriculum leaves out the sina1e mmt lmpnllanllhing that the war collegC"S should be (bulnOl always arc) oovering: the miliat)' COOIpnoentofnational sttatcgy, VanCrevcld II correct in.rtuina lllal there needs to be .jolnt war onl1cge: Wt investigl1lcs the inlcanllon of the mlliury tlcmcnt of stntegy into all the other wmporoems of It.:Itional socuriIYSlllItcgy. Ilowe"cr,!heSitelIOn Panel's rccommendaLioo Ihal!hls oollcl:': should be ancndcd by scnior omCCfS who already bcal educated in the military .spects of "ratcgy makes much IIIDTI: sense than "an Creveld 's preseription for jumping from lhc higher OjlCrationai levcl directly to the level

of grand stratcllY.

111 :;urn. I found this book I "cr)' profitable re:ad.

Van Cn.;vc1d has oot only pcrfOlJl100 • u.'leful Sl:rviec in providing a ooro:;lsc: history ofofficcrcducatlon, he has a1JO developed !lOme excellent Critcria, based must]y on his analy$i5 of the facton that lilowed the Kri qsatademit 10 COIltriOOlt! slgniroeantly 10 GeTman military effcctlvc-rw.:ss at the opcr.tliona] kvcl for weU ovcr i century. We would do well to cnoslder these 1W>dws 11$ \:"ides 10 OIl' own effolUloday. He lias a1JO outlined in C(IIUiderabie dctail lhc vcry high Slandws of the Soviet mlliury educalion estWilsh memo remind us that nom;ulCrhowmuch we .donn OI.It prcsenlsyslcm, we wiU rcmain scvellll orders ofmJgniludc behind the Soviet armed forces In this Irena. This com:titult!l anotht, worthwhile and

sobering realilation!

Thoge who spend iIOITIC time

engaged In the

task of educaling American

mililary officen, howevc:., must be can:fulto take van prescriptions wilh I al'lln of sall and 10 I'll them into the cantul ofour own needs and n:spon$i.

D,. lfaTold R. WINOIl U pr((tsSlK D/miilfory IUslOfJ

/II rIIt Sc/wQl 0{AdWl/lctd

S!Udits, MiUWtU

Air Forct Base, AIaJxJma.

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