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Rook ... by Char le! R, Anderson

R , / N t M H ' ; " , N f l " J I ( l r / N J r ; £ , e " " U " t U A t r o u " r s I t , U.s, MiIiUJ'1 Mtll flM WIl"""

rdltrd by «Uo

S, LaFone and ROlUll d E, Mar,

Sct>cllarly Rtsouras, Inc, JOJ pp" $2,1.95

Evcn \dull: this Iif'llcth· annl Yersary )'t ar, I.hc: Japa.

nc:se auack 1)11 Purl lIarbor ....as 0!lI: of I.hc: most extensively documented mi litary evmts in Amtrian hl51ory. 'The luge numher of accounlll Iv.tilable

official. academic. and personal- hu done I'OIhlng \0 diminish int.tI'tSi in 0!lI: Of !he: wNeflhed evems o f !he American experience. Magazine IfId ne:W5paper •••

ticles. lelevision

and movlel. as weU


substantial 51udics. keep coming.1fId enLhusiastie reception.

aIL firld

An inleresting annlvenoary year addition to the litelature 1)11 Pc;ui I lat'bor Is an OMiI hi51ury edited by Roben S. Lafonc II1d Ronald F_ !Iobn:cllo,twO SOl"!. ill the Univcrsilyof NorthTex115 (ill'IT) In Denton.

rear/llarbor is rKll a rommemoMilive quickie. For ovcr fil\cen yeal"!.. F\:;ui Harbor haS b::m a /lujof theme ofl.hc: UNT oral hi5tOry project. Alkr


Interviews with survlYOrs. I.hc:

rdllOrs SCI ()Ilt to pre.'iCI1t the views of "the ".nk and file·· II1d "llle soldiers In !he barncks or uilM belo.... d«ks,M MIllie. than \J"me of high·ranki", officers.. I gener:II ional selection the passageo f hal f a century had

m..:lc for them. In assembling this collection. the editors diose from 350 JUrvivor interviews 10 prtllCnt lhe e"periences IIf American men and WOITIm in \lniform aboard ships, al air ba.o;es, on hospital ward£, and in b.mxlo; on 7 Decembe. 1941.

'The imlCCS of Purl Harbor most frequcntlYPUD-

1I5hed-blasled and hurning Ships slumped in the muck urldcr Oaulesllip Row_ lend 10 ronvey the impress;oo of Purl Harbor as a Nval evCfll. UFonc and Man:cllo rcinforoc: mii\COOCl!ptioo in lht:ir selection of interviewS for Rmltmhering I'tarl Haf· r-. Of fony,fou. interviews belween covers. thirty·two come from sailors and marines. two more from Navy wives. Accounts of the attxk on Peatl HuborpubUshc:d in thl, commemoration season will most likely be n:ad by persons born dter the C\'CIlI.

who need to be reminded lhat on that "day of Infamy" the United Slates Anny command in the i$\ands, the Hawaiian Dep'lllmellt, COI,Inled 43.(0) Hoops. no: e1pericnce!l of Anoy g!W1Id 1lOOpS.


personnel dcJcrve llle wnc careful

docummlltion IS thollC ofthe meo ofthe Pacific Fleet. Within this imNlano:,theedilors marlal:oo 10 nmplc lheup:rimccs ofnine: Ann y mco and women;mod one: Anny wife IInderhcadingsonOealion: '·1lickam Ftcld, Fort K:unch;uneha, and Tripier AIIlIY l105pital,'· ·'Schofield Oamcks and Whcc1cr lCld."and ··K;anc()hc

Naval Air Station and Bellows Field."

'The editorial hands in Rtmcmbcdllg Ptarl Har. bor an; lighl enough to lei the emotions generated on


1941 come th!Wgh----;lndt.hosccmotiOf\S

R:main..tvki al\erhalfI eenlury-but hcavyeMUaJ"i to spal't us balroom uaggcf1ltion. The l"C$ult is an xcount nearly IS ,rippillf!;U the event. One can feel the irritation of Fireman:k. William Ellis.. who would just like 10 finish his momillf! aboard the USS AnlartJ befoll: lho5C Anny nyboys pull anotItcrone of thel. pnctia: raids: the startc teTTOrofrfc. Jim as he watches utraling Japanese pilot stilch aline: ofex· plmions in the Ilra.u dlreclly to....ard him; the hea

  • o

    r Army nul'$C Lt. Ada Olsson ....hen she


that he. nana: hIlS been shot down; the animal desire 10 strike tJ.:k and kill fell by lhousandsof 50ldien and .uilorson the Ilround and aboard ship aSlhey ....3ldtcd lhe "Zckn:··'Vaif' and "Katn'· swoop in for bomb in,and strafinlllUll$o-dos( enough forthe Americans to 5tt the pilot.<;' faces. When memoric:s wavc.ursome of the old Pearl Harbo. ·rumors alliin find voice, LaForte and Mareello pwvide f1Cluai rc:mil1\kl"!. ill f()()UJ;)les: are no officiai that sham entcnxl I.hc: oil-.::overtd walers of the harbo." (46), and, ·'No torpedoes an: known to have struck theMi:"""··

(OJ'. Thl, is oral hislOry as SliTTing IS it can be

accounl5 of the

colwcycd willi a vioouu immedi.

acy, the whok unojiSlortc:d by an


Those ronull.1t.t enough 10 know :\l.IIVi'lOl'1 ofstunning evenl$1ikc Pearl Harbo.can hear fi I"Slhand whallt was lile. Out the rest of us, and fulure gcncr.ol;ons as well, will have 10 rely on coliCClion$like thi, to uOOcrstand the attiludinal rontext of 1941, the elusive spirit or It.: time:>. Ilert LaPorte and Marcello ucel. IS they let thei' vete rans explain the pcICCllme mindSCI and !he wreoching dlfficullY ofchanllln, ;1: the uuer disbelief that all that ra.:kel on a beautiful Sunday morning could be !he SUrt or ....ar- rigtu hert in the HParadise of the f'acilic:· or all piKeS; the confu· Sion o r an Anny wife who can·\ decide what 10 wear to a bomb sheller, o:the by·thc·booi< insistcna: ofsome

NCOS on properiy

paperwortc bcron: is.,uing

ammunilioo-cven IS homM cra.Vled thn)Ugh the roof.

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