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SucIlIC!illmony give, lerms li ke "surpri!IC a!llCk" and "unpn:parcdncss" en!l n: ly I1CW dc: p!/Is of meaning.

JuS! as imercsting 10 the n:adcr are the n:....tions fonned .ner thc fear and anger of the 1IlQn1C'r( sub

sided. We.n: IlOl surprised 10 learn Ltw. many Pl:aol

Hatbor veterwos

the J3polIIese for killing so

man)' of thei r buddiC!i. or that milll)' olhers lIave

stopped hating the

In the inlervening dec·

ades. BUI these interviews alJi(l reveal I relKlioo not widely known lOday.oroe the oould not YOice finY)'C1Jl 110. One $IiIill' described the mcnt INII would IlOIlO .way: HWe felt complctely lei down. li ke getting beal by. rival lligh KtIooL What will thc folks think of UI bllck home7 Here they an:

deperdinll (lI'1 us and look wtw we've dtlonc!"

Dcspile their quallflca!lons and experience. thc

editon need an editor. Too many mistakes remain for lIiis work to l\ave gQ!IC to the printer. The iUvll boise at Pl:ari Hamor dates from lRR1. not "the 1870s" (231). The 27th Infantry al SChofield Barrxks WIS a rtgimcnt,lIOI I division (2311). The AITTlY Nurse Corps bccIme a part of the Regul;u Army in 1901.001 1947 (227). There WOlS 00 avlatioo1 unit caJledlhc Seventh Air Olrps (2M). Some nautical lenns ("dog" and "bll.qer'1 are defmed at first appCarance. wllile other!; ("wdl dc:ck") go undefincxt in sever;l1 ill1ervlewl. "her JeYerai refcl'tnoes 10 World War "four. staCkN we Tt'ad aboul • stranee newer design. "the (:l1tS/II, a one arxl one·half Stack dc'

( 133). Too often the editor'S' commcmary and bridginl male rial Is eltherclumsy, with Itdurxlancics. misplaced emphases. ard run-(lf1 sentences, or ruses diSUXlilll questions. The n:adel' wonders irthe edi· LOrs intend 10 malte. jokc ofone $Il1or by sending lIim 10 3 mental hospital for an Inn amputation; the)' then make Ihe pilor himself eleQl up the Situation (273). The three milpS in the book tack scalC!i IIld several place l:tbels rn:umnll in the IUI,!a>dI as "fleet land· ing" and W Aiea landinl.n Atw;I the edill)l'S begin their

annotated bibiiogr.Jphy willi the


lion thaI " Despite the lIistoricai imptlnana of the

anac:1: on

only I few book.' of note have

been written aboou It"

"They tIlCfI lisl Si11ee1l

authoritative and widely Iud boob on thc cY1:nt.

Fonur\lltely for the editors, oo-"er. n:Wcrs will


Pta,ll/arbor off the shclflO read

not lhdr (XIIllmemary. bul the stimn!,:


the veterans. l1le result I, not alto&elher lnappropriale for an oral history mthoIo&y: vivid history fr.tmed in subdued borders. with its distrxtlons. UPortc and Marcello's wol\: is a lively and InlClestlng acldi·

tlon 10 the liter.1lun: un Pearl Hamor.

Mr . Cllarlt:J R. AMttSOn is(/ hlsll?rlan In 1MCtnlfr' J F'llid aM /IIltrNJQQrIOI Oi.·i,.lnll ...·1111 a sp«ia1 illl". tJI ill Plari J/arbor (su p . J 0/11Ii.J Wul).

Roo k Revi ew by Carl II. McNair , Jr.

ill,,., SIlM n ; Til t Air CIl...


III YidlJll"

by LII"Tm« II. J ohnson III

Books. 180


'The author has ;assembled I n:mart:able ;unounl of infonnaLion on I subject of gn:at intel't5\ 10 cavalry enthusiasts and ntxcial1y Vicuwn·v;ntage Anny

aviator!;. lIank Johnson left

in his

SC8n:h for details about the units. lactics, and equipment.

of our air cavalry In fXI, pcrflap:!i Ihe

an:atC!i1 merits of

flUlTl its

men! value fill' lhose of U$ who W\'re


refen:nced soorot material, to Incll>dc TWllCS. dates.. and places that C(Ifllribllted 10 the air c,valry 510ry.

Many of these data will he valuable for fUlUre

am 0lS the)' II)' to reestablish audit

of unit actlva·

tions, inactivation!. deployment'. and ll'Iat smse alone. the wort: will have •


place OIl the bookshelvc:s of the milit.a'1 libraries throughout the ooum1)'. BUI u the n:ao:kr disoovcT5, then: is much mon: f....1uat infnrmationon the why 100 how or aircavalry before anddurinl Vietnam that was 001 inco.p:lrlled. 1kx omissiorl$-l;uch as the very tey tatli.caJ and almost 5lr.Ilcgie role ofthe cav;!hy in the t.n Son 7 t9 openti(ll'1 into Laos-will be noticed by thMc truly oonvtr$1nl w;lh the IIlslory. 1bc aClual namtiveofsuch a majorcaval ry opention would lIavc Iddc:d immeasurably. Thus the book's principal shon· romin, is that il simply docs nnt go far enouch '0 dc$Crihe air cavalry n:ally a:Jmlng of age. instead

woccntllllin, mostly

the small unil. individual

level, but pemaps

is \he author'li conscious ;nlenl.

One ",110 lias lived in the c"' de!iCrihcd and known many of \he individuals ooocc:mcd, thei r equipment.


would heanily .cree IIw compliments

an. Cl:rtainly due the authoron his wort:. His treatmcl1l ofdelail ise.<Cellent throu&hout and !!Crves the purpose he intended. Then: did. however. appear lu be a far In:ater nppollunity for scholarly work lhan was lIChicved, whether by omission or commission. The focus ofWI"lMSDbtn centeISon \he plllliculalSofair

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