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avalry,!hI: wapon!Isyslems, 1,IJ\1, hlsll:lrics, iIr'Id even

Infonna'ion of limhed value, whefl'3S the

same elemC1lU <XlII1d have been woven into I


meaningful U'Cltise.


1'10( meant to f,ult the

author, bld more to poim to what mighl have made a

good work even belter.

As U . Gen. David Doyle says in !hi: foreword, '"llliseffonIwbetn...aprimerlo rememberthe pasL.JO lonk with Gfl'at irl)'igtv. imo lhe future :' And IllS the \lII.terfOQlSlhat fc1l5hon. Allhough IhI: work wa.<: den: In the latc 19805 and copy protected in 1990,ehronn logically il ended in 1973 whh the witi1dr.Jwal of U.S. combat clements from Vietnam. II was .. this point 01011 air c.Yalry and exploitations o f the cnncepI ex panded with Cavalry Rrigadc AirComb.1.t and the Air CayaIry Combill 8rigade" lesting. aeccp'ana:, and lC'ivalion II Fon Hood. TexIS. While cicarly it W;lS nol the author's InleOllO take his readers throuJ;h the linal pIwe of conctpt and doctrinal clcvelopment within the: ATm)'. hedoa leave the n:ader hOWlging as 10··whal happcnsnow." Hedid. however. selthe stage for llitting end that the conc;ep' was c:onctivcd by the Cold War. born In baltle in Vicuwn. and. gn:w 10 maturil), poSiwar.•1Ia;ning its rightful positioo of promineocc In the Aviation UL'2IICh-thc newest orthe eombill maneuver anns. ButlhiS fallun: 10 close (ItI t.hc objcaive will not be I major diStraction for the casual n:lIdcr. ll llkdy will di53ppt>lnt the serious historian or Iviatior"l/ldvocate who WWlIll mOft: lact of which delracts frum the completcncn of an Otherwise well-rescarched and documenled efron.

It is in the research and documcnution \hal the

authonkserves the highest prai,;e. The evidcoccnfhis

labor is present throughout the oclail of his noles, the appendix. glossary. bibllnsraphy. and the acknowl·

edgmcms of his many interviews.


Lng io lhe iodex lIkewisc makes it J valuable source

document for those dcoiirinJ; 10 Ir.1Ck his work and his snuroes. 1loosc whoclCd 10 do so. as did this reviewer.

may discover after rellding thai in

1Cal 10 COUecl

(lelall and work Kf!)U a

froot. he neglcc,cd 10

capitalize upon


highly credible!lOUrccs rndily

Iyailable to add 10 this mCa/lingful WOrk.

The author mentions l,)rt.Iy in paning l.t. Gen. UIIT)' Kinnard. commander of the 11th Air As....ult Division. during lesling of the Ilr assault ronccp! and laler the deploying cornma/1der of Ille Firsl Cavarry Division. Few did more 10 advilflCC !he Air C1\valry roncept Ihan General Kinnaro or General Hamilton Howze. who ehaimlthe HoW'oGC Board on Anny Air Mobilily In the early 1%Os. Likewise, ocher IlI)(Ib1CS


such as Maj. Gen. J:unes C. Smith. I posI.-Vlelnam commilidcrofthe Cavalry DiYision. who WlS ooc of the carly sqndron commanders of the lSI Squad ron, 9!h C1\valry. during !!O!Oe of ilS IOUghest light! in

could have added yaluable insights. 1l-oI:n: II"C I myriad of others wllme vicws. experi eoces. and ewuibulions would have knt ineslimable depth \0 the book. Troop and liquac\roo commanders

such as Jaek

CMr1ie Canedy. Bob

Molinelli, and Doe Bid1mo:n all pla)'QI unique roles- not during lhe Vlc1Jlam er:a in making \heir mark on the alr cavalry'S wm"ttal contribulion. bul also In movinl i' (()(Ward for the larger role 3ht:ad 10 the Anny's Air{.an(l Baltle doctrine of !he 19ROs and 19QOs. If there is a AAonfall in lIank work. II is in lhis lrea of fnllow·through.. What wc find is authentic but sometimes Ill)( as aulllnri!ali vc as could

have been-and a historical efron needs bolh.

With n:gard 10 the org:mi1.aLion of the tellt itself and the comJlO!'ilion of the volume. the author is 10 he

complimenled. 5UCCifll;1. iIr'Id to

His writing Slyle ovcr:aU i, clear. the point- almost military. bul easy 10





" n:ader



nolO's well, and it is

with pIIotogr:aphs.

ch;uts. graphics. and inlCn:sllnll captions. At ' Imes lhe nota bcmrne • bit dislTXIinll and migt-. be bcltfr placed IIlhe bottom ofeach P<lge for e:tsc nf now, but the faro; and suurces an: al\lillys there if )'OIl SIeck them out. 1be nou:sdo eontain mIlCh peninenl iofonnotion. 110 they should rtOI be ignofl'd.

"The discussion of equlpment ;n Ch;LjllCr 4 and

unifonnJ in OIaP'Cr 6 is well done, cspecially forthe casual Of uninformed relder. This lreaunenl is a signilicanl fealure, bec.use as time Ihe ",u rk will be used more by those for whom the lenns


and the like tNly will l1Ic aulhor has recognizoo !,his faCt as his develops.

Interspersing Individual

al \he inlll)

duclion o f each chap'er adds a ul'iquc\y personal louch, although OI"IC would dan:say Ih31 some n:3dcrs might dwknge the introdUctory AlrClvalry accolade on the first of Ch3pter I. This ",vie""er. having served lWO Vietnam lours and nown • fcw hundred comNi Jnflics, obR:rved the inllO\lllion :and Iggres

of aviation

olher Ihan air eav cn&aging

the enemy. bul in a diffen:nl role. 1l-oI: CIV


color. lhe spirit. and the have..

lhat only Cav can

Have no fnr, howc"l:r. one should lalle nothing away from the AlrOvalry-thcircase ha:s been made:

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