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Editor'S Journal

LI. Col. Olarles McKenna's article on the

"'forgonen refo""": lmnitutin8 I system offield maneuvers In tilt U.S. A""y In the ycars before WOIld WIU I been delayed ;n publication one l$Suc. Watch fori! in the Winter 1991192

Army lIu/Ol'y.

11I1s Issue

1 look I I the United States

00 tilt eve of war-vel}' much In I sme of ltTIICd neutrality, It PcJr1 Harbor. and on joint defense prepamioos.. One!: again we fcatlln: Mr. Edward BcdessIem'sctltooology 10 help U5 all keep !he World Wru II commemOntion on



In the la.q tUlle Gcnc:ral Nelson IIad some kind words for Iho8c of UI ,,'1"10 produoc )'OUr prnfcS5ional bulletin. Two indiyiduals in Pro duttion Scl\llccs I)jvl&lon do nIX lPPCltOO the

bul luyc. difIXl hand in evcry luue. MI. Q,therinc A. Hectin, Olier, Edito rial BIW\Ch. and Mr, Anhur S. C'Slcvt:") Har dyman. Chief, Grlphics BlanCh, take 1 per sonal intcreSl in howcaehissucofArmy Hisrory is published, and I think thei r crrons ddl:I\IC special mentioo.

G. Fisch. Sr.


PI. 22. p.93. 1lIe Navy and M:u1ne Corps l()$t 2,896 kitled. wounded, and missing: Prange. AI o.r,.,n We Sltpl, p. 539. 31. M;mi!all to Emmons. 20 Dec 41. in pm., PI.IS, pp.1483-84: pt. 22. PII. 61. 89: Dioglllphical summary. Delos C. Emmons, pn:p;an:d by the WII Depanmenl. copy in 201 File, U.S, A""y Cmtcr of Military His· lOfy, Washingliln, D.C.: PIIA, pi.. 7, p. 2928. 31. Ibid., pt. 7, pp. 3QS4, 30::57; Ill- 27, pp. 164, 192·94, 200-201,204-06; pi. 6, pp. 2S82-S4: PI. 7.pp. 3371 -72; pt. 22. p.474; pi. 7. PII. 2957·58; pt, 22, PI), 46-47; pl. 23, p. 977; pt. 35, p. 212.

War HderflK"e Hlhlioa;rapllits

In an elll of fiscal restraint, II is of1cn dimeult to

meet the needs and

ofthe casual as weU as !he

serious n:searcll communities. To meet both ofthcliC

tlCeds In ml1i131}' history, the Military Ilis·


( MH I)

devcloped eleClronlcally Cll: '

ated bihliographles (RefBih!l) In omeno maintain and eXp"nd n;:fcretlCC!l to it< SOUI"CC.'i on _ mullimde of


As pan of !hIs pmJecl, MS.l..()ulsc Arnold·Friend. of the Historical Refen:na: Uranch sct out in 1989 to identify itsmalcrials pcruining to Union and Confed

erale Ovil War unilS. 'The fil"Si plu$C omit pro.J«1Wall complclcd earlier this year. Bib! iographies or$Ollrt:u. eitineonly MHI holdings. are now lYailllblc on ),417 Union and Confederalc units. They Include libruy

sources on a givcn un;1, and aJso specifIC manuscriPi collections and a statement about !he lvailabilily of pho/Dgraphs of iildividuaJs who scm:d in each unit.

Benusc of the lime in_ed in preparing and collectilli tilt bibliog.-aphies, the lumarwnd lime in responding toinquirics forinformat;oo on unllS 1$ now

aJmost immediate.. 101111 "licip.lICSthat within a year a similar compilalion of bibliogQphics 00 campaigns and banles will be Iv;sil3ble on-line, Yialhc nelworlc through whieh users will xccss the full refcrenec

bibiiogT3phy d·l·baSC.

For funher info""ation. the point or COfltlCl for both Civil War projeru is Ms. l..()uise Arnold·Friend. Hi$lOrical ReferetICe 8 ranch. USAMIII (OSN 242,

3611, or commercial 7l7-24S·36 11).

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