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The Chief's Corner

HaroLd W.


World War II commcmoralioo .:Uvilks are gu

rering many


pa!lslhrough lhc fiftieth

anniversary of Pearl ilamor. Here a! lhc Center of Mili!ary His!Of)' and in Orft«5 and museums thmugh OUI lhc system. !heK activitil:$ = seen 1.'1 I mLxtd blessint. A long 1i51 of wks \II\l'elated !O Wond War 11 still !O be performed, very few addl!1onal resoul'CC!l Mil: avaiLable.;rod I! Kerns as If we eannc:u possiblymcc! IICwdemands. Yet we know World War II Indy was a!uming paiN In ournalloo'S hiStOf)'. 'The

demands frum

and units tuving I heri!lge: in

the war and our own continued Lmell$l in \he period compel us to play an OICIive mle. SOmeoflhcCenlCr's ....ork ovCflt\e past two y.:arJ; heen aimed 8t making it easier fur all of us 10 meet the need ror &OO<l. uublc lUstOf)' of Ihe Army In World War" in the coming



Keeping existing booIr.sln print is a bil polin ofour prQgr;tm. M:IIlY of \he "Green Rooks" are Still unsur· p;me<j as I sunlnl poLm for serious researcll ()Il Wond war 11 i1Ubj'CdS. AlL volumes are ivaibbk. and we h.:tvc just published I spcI.:ial Wond War 11 COm metnOr:llivc Edition of IIIIr calalog so thai everyone

can get \he nca:ssary onlcrini: infonnallon. We are also publishing an updaled

npcr.ulons in SOuthern Frana::. 1944-4S. It joins Dr. Gl1Illam Cosmas lIld Dr. Alben Co....drey·s Mtdiru/ Strvlce Support if! EurQ{Jtu" Tlttll/tr of rimu to complete the Green Book S/:rin. S.1VCfor one more possible volume. Two new small monognphs an: .bo .imed It the World War 11 audience. Dr. CIlarin Kir\patrick', Wrin"g rM ViCW )' Pllll! of

1941 and Dr. O,ri,

Tht CIIQ Mll"tUVUJ of

194/ !cll imponartt S!orics that intercst wide audl

We also have In preparation. beinl edi!ed by Dr. Oa)'lon UurK, Jom OtIly's manu!iCr\pI on indus trial plan! Kizurcs.:tnd Dr. David HOlan', mono&11Iph ··U.S. Arm y Special Opel1ltions in World warn." ctlCeIj.

In November our "Bailie Streamer" IXlmphklS

bcganlDappear. e MH planstopul>1ish apamphlet for neh Work! Wull theArmy nag.describ ing \he strategk: slcuatlon at tile lxgirWling of the campaign. the plans and activities of Anny unit5 tNt won l/Ie streamer, and tile situaJion!lut evolved as I re!IiUll of their initiativCll. Today's can these pamphkt5 for omccr profcssional development. fo cusi"g on theirunilS her\lageorSiudyinc campaigns of

interest. Ve!eI1lll', glOOps will aLso be able to uS/: relevant pamphlelS In 1hcir c:dUC'lion pmgr.un•.

'The Anny is tile Dl:pltrtmcnt oflJefen.o;e ExeCll1;ve

10 !he Green Books. This provides. summary and topical listing for e.:h volume along wilh an in<kK.

Sino.: the IDn& shelf of lhkk green volumes is somc times 11It1-.:r fOfbidding !O hegirvting students. the

Reader' 4(juldt can helpthem take inilial Steps. Those of us who an: more familiar with thc series find the Culdt uS/:fulID help (rack $pccifie tOpics in related

The e:lllalng ListS reprints of all AmcrKan Fora:s in Acuon monogl1lphs. lllese an: oper.diDNI hl$torics wriuen by field hi5lorians during the wu. Mos! Mve

Agenl for World War" Commemoration and has appoLrued Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Claude M. Kltklighlet 10 head !./Ie elTon. Much ofhis !cam's wort: will beaimcd at c:d\lClliM. 50 lhi: products I h;tve O\itlincd here should COIltriho.ne 10 tile proGmIl's SUCUU. Anny Art is heavily involved in one: Dr the higgest events in tile DOO protmll-a show opening in San Anto nio on Do.:ccmbcr 7111 thai win Ialcr pass thlOOgh presidential libnries befo«: cimini al the National

Archives. corpor:ue


kvel of military. communily. and

fot Ihis kickoff event


all of their maps bound in tile volume.

e .J:.,

sive. but I predlc! thar many eomm;md



In: shipped in I slirinll:·wrap padl&C

mUKum CUI1l!on will r,nd thcmKlves caughl up In

wilh maps. In eyCl)l cas(; the fine maps = an Impor tant rnson for usin, tllCSe boob aJonpJde laler commercIal vo umes that often I.:k adequate graph


procrams in thc coming years.

We will all MVC. chance 10 gel lngetl1cr 10 lalk iIbou! our progress and problems at !./Ie COnference of



hen: in Washington. 7·1 1June 1992

and editors have been busy sup paninl the produclion of new books. Or. leffClar\e and Mr. Roben Ross Smilh literally fill • gap with RMuu /0 lite Rhillt-thc long·awailed voLumc on

(for confereree delails. .!ICC p. Jj of this


are I.\$Cmbliol:' fine program, so I know III of us wiLl benefit from a!tending. lIld 11001< forwmllO seeing you thcre.


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