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GSA FSS GS-00F-0008PJune 2010

Storage Operations Efficient operations of warehouses and storage operations result when Metrica’s analysts are employed to plan, coordinate, direct, and operate the facilities. Whether used in short term to improve storage operations or as a long-term manager/operator, Metrica will reduce costs associated with storing goods.

Distribution Planning – Cost and responsiveness are balanced to reduce costs and maximize profits in all of distribution plans. All aspects of the distribution are considered to include business communication, transportation asset planning, transportation scheduling, material handling, and timeliness.

Inventory Management When business processes require inventory to be maintained, Metrica assists in minimizing cost associated with that inventory. Acquisition costs, storage costs, handling costs, transportation cost, and risk are all

components of Metrica’s inventory models.

Asset Visibility Metrica’s logistics systems provide visibility of assets both in storage and in transit. This provides management with the ability to rapidly assess asset positions and to capitalize on rapidly developing business opportunities as well as to minimize inventory levels, minimize inventory costs, and to minimize risks.

Infrastructure Support Infrastructures supporting supply and value chain operations can be designed and supported by Metrica. These include facility planning, materials handling planning, and data network and communications planning. Metrica can operate all aspects of infrastructure support.

Deployment Logistics

Metrica, Inc. has developed a very strong capability for assisting Americans in overseas assignments, particularly where the logistical environment is difficult. The Company provides support through a coordinating staff located in Arlington, Virginia, and a well-established network of affiliates throughout the world.

Metrica supports resident American technical advisors and representatives from government agencies, businesses, and international organizations. Metrica offers its logistical services to prospective clients in locations throughout the world. The Company’s services include:

Shipping of Goods Metrica’s subcontractor in the United States arranges for door-to- door shipment of goods to and from assignment countries.

Customs Metrica’s clients are assisted in getting personal effects and other items through the customs of the host country.

Housing Apartments or single family residences are found. Metrica’s affiliates manage the leases, carry out renovations and maintain the residences, assist in purchasing furniture, and serve as a channel through which all housing services can be obtained.

Office Space Assistance is provided in locating office space and renovating and furnishing it to the satisfaction of the client.

Office Equipment Computers, fax machines, copiers, telecommunication equipment, and other equipment such as answering machines are found through local sources or are imported. Equipment is stored and/or shipped for the client when he leaves the country.

Equipment Servicing Repair and maintenance of computers and other office equipment through local sources are provided.

Personnel Metrica’s affiliates provide personnel at all levels for the clients. The personnel take

their day-to-day instructions from the client but remain employees of the affiliate. The affiliate is responsible for questions of labor laws, taxation, promotion, pay, and discipline.

Translation and Interpretation Qualified translators and interpreters are provided upon request.

Security Arrangements are made for bars on windows, security audits, alarm systems, and strong doors on residences when such is needed. The affiliate is a 24-hour contact for problems such as accidents, police confrontations, or other security and safety questions.

Health Information Information on hospitals, doctors, medivacs, and health problems such as quality of water is available through the affiliate.

Conference Services Arrangements can be made for conferences and meetings. Meeting places are found for the client, simultaneous translation equipment rented, and reception services, food and beverage services, and other services such as temporary secretarial support can be provided.

Transportation Cars and drivers are provided upon request, including full-time drivers with vehicles.

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