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GSA FSS GS-00F-0008PJune 2010

CR706 LOGWORLD Labor Category Descriptions

L5011 Program Manager

Manages program to ensure that implementation and prescribed activities are carried out in accordance with specified objectives. Plans and develops methods and procedures for implementing program, directs and coordinates program activities, and exercises control over personnel responsible for specific functions or phases of program. Selects personnel according to knowledge and experience in area with which program is concerned, such as social or public welfare, education, economics, or public relations. Confers with staff to explain program and individual responsibilities for functions and phases of program. Directs and coordinates personally or through subordinate managerial personnel, activities to ensure progress is being accomplished toward specified program objective and modifies or changes methodology as required to redirect activities and attain objectives. Develops and installs administrative systems such as inventory programs, standardization of equipment and procedures, electronic filing, quality control, procurement systems and reporting systems. Supervises, evaluates, and provides direction for the logistical support staff on specific task orders from the client. Reviews all subcontractor invoices and procurement orders for specific tasks to ensure that only approved charges are paid. Prepares program reports for superiors. Controls expenditures in accordance with budget allocations.

L5021 Task Manager

Serves as the contractor’s Task Manager, and shall be the contractor’s authorized point of contact with the government Task Manager. Under the guidance of the Program Manager, responsible for the overall management of a specific Delivery Order, or, in the case of particularly complex Delivery Orders, responsible for management of a Delivery Order Task under the guidance of the Delivery Order Task Manager. Interfaces with government management personnel, contract managers, and customer agency representatives. Responsible for formulating and enforcing work standards, assigning contractor schedules, reviewing work quality as well as communicating policies, purposes, and goals of the organization to subordinates. The Task Manager shall also have demonstrated capability in the overall management of complex tasks and have strong team-building skills. In an international capacity, duties can include assessment missions to host countries as required by the client, locations of new subcontractors, instruction of logistical support requirements and accounting principles, reviewing and resolving any logistical support problems that may arise between the client, Metrica’s host country subcontractor, and/or the local authorities; research of host-country legal issues that may arise during dispute resolution and in response to inquiries from the client; and general trouble-shooting.

L5031 Logistics Specialist I

Serves as the project manager for a large, complex delivery order (or a group of delivery orders affecting the same migratory or target system) and shall assist the program manager in working with the Government Contracting Officer (CO), the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative(s) (COTR (S)), government management personnel, and customer agency representatives. Under the guidance of the Program Manager, responsible for the overall administration of specific delivery order(s) and insuring that the technical solutions and schedules in the delivery order are implemented in a timely manner. Performs enterprisewide horizontal planning and interfaces to other functional systems. In an international capacity, duties can include familiarity with the FAR and AIDFAR, contract management, procurement, and corporate management practices.

L5032 Logistics Specialist II

Analyze user needs to determine functional and cross-functional requirements. Performs functional allocation to identify required tasks and their interrelationships. Identifies resources required for each task. Provides daily supervision and direction to support staff.

L5033 Logistics Specialist III

Applies analytical skills to support process improvement, studies, and analysis projects. Typical duties include analysis, planning, establishment of requirements, functional modeling, development of procedures, development of functional architectures, and other related management and technical duties. Requires expertise in specialty areas, i.e., expertise on logistical requirements of particular foreign countries or international areas, military medicine, or general health care.

L5034 Logistics Specialist IV

Assists Program and Task Managers in the management of financial and administrative activities such as budgeting, personnel, manpower, and resource planning. Assists in the preparation of management plans and reports. Coordinates personnel schedules to facilitate completion of proposals, contract deliverables, task order reviews, briefings, presentations, and preparation for In Process Reviews (IPRs).

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