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GSA FSS GS-00F-0008PJune 2010

CR499 MOBIS Services

Consulting Services

Needs Assessment: Prior to implementing change, it is a good idea to conduct a needs assessment. This is a critical step that must not be left out of an improvement process. How can you improve something if you don’t know exactly where you are or what or where the problems reside?

Job / Occupational Analysis: When an organization is restructuring, how do you determine which jobs are critical to the new organization and should be retained, and which ones should be eliminated? Can certain job types be consolidated with others? Are there some jobs that should be split into two or three different jobs? By conducting an occupational analysis, you can see just what types of tasks your personnel are performing.

Training Program Design and Facilitation: If you’re going to invest the time and money to conduct training for your personnel, you want to make sure the training does the job in the most efficient and effective manner. To maximize the efficiency of any organization’s training programs, those programs need to be designed and facilitated by personnel who understand the adult learning theories and how the material to be learned dictates the style in which it is presented.

Computer-Based Training (CBT): Improving the performance of your personnel is paramount to success in today’s business environment. If you have courses that frequently get repeated, or your work groups are dispersed over large geographic areas, the costs of delivering that training can be excessive. By taking advantage of intelligent CBT, a participant’s knowledge of the subject can be measured up front and the person is then only provided training on those areas which they demonstrated a need.

Internet-Based Training (IBT): By taking advantage of IBT, you design the course and host it on your Web site. You can change (update) the training program as often as you like without producing and distributing new CDs. IBT can help you train your labor force by providing training with just the right material, at just the right time, at any location, at any time during their tenure.

Training Evaluation: Organizations investing in training need to be assured that they are getting a return on their investment. Are the programs leading to improved performance? Are the programs being conducted efficiently and effectively? Metrica’s training analysts have several years’ experience designing and administering training evaluation tools.

Cost / Benefit Analysis: Prior to making any change, managers should know the costs for the current system, the cost for the proposed system, and how much it will cost to transition from the old to the new. How long will it take to recoup the initial investment? Our analysts identify the apparent, as well as any potentially hidden, costs to reflect the true process or operation impact.

Organizational Change / Development: It takes trained and seasoned professionals to assist the organization’s leadership in dealing with planned and unplanned change. From establishing measurements and bench marking existing processes to measuring the impact of the change, in terms of productivity and/or potential impact on morale, Metrica’s consultants will help you create and structure the proper climate and necessary systems to implement the proposed change and monitor the change process.

Data Collection and Analysis: Good data is paramount to a good study, which is essential to sound and reliable findings. Whatever the issue that you are trying to capture, Metrica’s data base analysts can portray it in a fashion that reveals true, meaningful, valid, and reliable responses.

Analyses: Metrica’s skillful analysts perform time-proven and reliable procedures in order to uncover the truthfulness and meaning behind the data. Metrica’s analysts will identify the relationships, and produce the findings in an easily understood report that managers can interpret and use to make insightful decisions within their organizations.

Facilitation Services

Focus Group Leader: When important decisions need to be made, you need to make sure it’s the right one. To make the best decision, it sometimes is necessary

to utilize the skills of an objective third party. Metrica’s staff has experience at working with groups making those difficult decisions.

Survey Services

Survey Design: If you want to find out what your customers think of your services or capture the opinions of people on any subject, you need a survey. A survey can provide you with statistical proof of how people feel, the effectiveness of policies, or a variety of other information. Metrica’s survey design

personnel have many years’ experience at creating and administering surveys capable of uncovering, at times, otherwise hidden information.

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