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Minor Number of Changes in Major Number of Degrees Number of Hours Failed Number of Hours Incomplete Number of Hours Passed Number of Hours Q Dropped: a grade of ‘Q’ is assigned when a student drops a course without

penalty on or before the 50th day of classes in a Fall or Spring semester, the 15th day of a 5 week summer term or the 35th day of a 10 week summer term. Primary Major Secondary Major Undergraduate GPA

III. Attendance Pattern

The “Attendance Pattern” variables describe the length and intensity of a borrower’s attendance at Texas A&M. Some of the variables also indicate whether there were interruptions in the borrower’s course of study and whether the borrower was a transfer student. As a group, the variables are intended to signify the borrower’s commitment to the education he or she is pursuing. The study’s authors anticipate that borrowers who finish their programs of study, finish sooner rather than later, and finish with few interruptions will default with less frequency than other groups of borrowers.

Admission Code: whether the student was admitted automatically on the basis of class rank and

SAT score (i.e., “admitted by academics”), was admitted after additional review of the student’s admissions application and high school transcript (i.e., “admitted by review”), was accepted on a provisional basis (i.e., “accepted on provisional”), in which full freshman admission in the fall is conditional upon making satisfactory progress in two summer semesters, or was accepted through some other means (i.e., “Other”). Admission Major College of Admittance: college (within TAMU) to which the student was admitted Highest Number of Semester Hours Number of Hours Transferred Lowest Number of Semester Hours Number of Semesters Enrolled Before Departure Number of Semesters Enrolled Less than Full Time Number of Semesters in a Dorm Number of Summer Semesters Attended Number of Withdrawals Number of Years Between First Attendance and Most Recent Departure Previous College: college that the borrower attended prior to attending TAMU Total Hours – TAMU Hours plus Transfer Hours Total Number of Hours Taken at TAMU Type of Admission: whether the student was admitted as a freshman, a transfer, an international

student or a readmission Withdrawal Indicator: indicates whether the borrower ever withdrew from TAMU Withdrawal Type: the reason for the withdrawal


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