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IV. Preparedness

In general, “Preparedness” variables reflect student performance before entering the university. They indicate the extent to which the student is ready for university programs of study. Since other research shows that college success/completion increases the likelihood that borrowers will repay student loans (see Prior Studies section) and since high school preparedness probably increases college success, we can expect that good performance before entering the university is related to lower default rates.

Number of Advanced Placement Credits Number of High School Advance Math Credits Number of High School Algebra I Credits Number of High School Algebra II Credits Number of High School Biology Credits Number of High School Chemistry Credits High School Class Rank Percentile Number of High School Computer Sciences Credits Number of High School English Credits Number of High School Foreign Credits Number of High School Geometry Credits Number of High School Other Science Credits Number of High School Physics Credits SAT Equivalency Score: SAT score or the conversion of an ACT score to an equivalent SAT


V. Demographics

The demographic characteristics of borrowers might be related to default behavior in various ways. Perhaps degree attainment by the borrower’s mother or father is related to success in repaying student loans; this might occur as a result of the borrower internalizing the parent’s educational success as a model for responsibility and hard work and bringing those values to bear in many aspects of his or her life. Marital status and family size might be proxies for the amount of financial resources that are available to repay loans; married students or dependent students from large families might have fewer resources available to them from family income and therefore might be more likely to default.

Age of Borrower: borrower’s age at the time of entering repayment Gender of Borrower Ethnicity of Borrower Marital Status of Borrower Citizenship of Borrower Residency Status Country of Permanent Address State of Permanent Address Country of Local Address State of Local Address Highest Degree Father Highest Degree Mother Parental Marital Status Parental Family Size


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