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Functional Requirements for Network Management

Use Case Description1

1. Descriptions of Function

All prior work (intellectual property of the company or individual) or proprietary (non-publicly available) work should be so noted.

1.1 Function Namei

Name of Function

Enterprise Management (EM) Function.

1.2 Function IDii

IECSA identification number of the function

1.3 Brief Descriptioniii

Describe briefly the scope, objectives, and rationale of the Function.

Objective: Enterprise  management is the task of ensuring that the networks and systems provide the required services with the specified quality of service to the users and other systems. Most enterprise management architectures use agent-manager relationship where the agents, residing on managed network/system elements, provide network/system management information such as alerts or performance measurements to the manager. The manager reacts to these messages by executing one or more actions such as operator notification, event logging, system shutdown, and automatic attempts at system repair. Management entities also poll end stations, automatically or upon user request, to check the values of certain variables. Agents have information about the managed devices in which they reside and provide that information (proactively or reactively) to management entities within one or more enterprise management systems (EMSs) via a network management protocol.  The term enterprise management refers to the combined task of network and system management.

Scope: The functions of an enterprise manager facilitated by an EnergyManagementSystem includes:

Performance Management  which involves measurements of various metrics for network/system performance, analyzing  the measurements to determine normal levels, and determination of appropriate threshold values to ensure required level of performance for each service. Examples of performance metrics include network/system throughput, user response times, and line utilization. Management entities continually monitor values of the performance metrics. An alert is generated and sent to the enterprise management system when a threshold is exceeded

1 Background information includes prior UCI work


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