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Getting Started:

1. Go to Stata prompt and click on “Intercooled Stata”

2. In the command line type: set mem 5000k (then press “enter”)

Note: for very large files: set mem 500000k (press “enter”)

then type: set matsize 150 (press “enter” – allows 150 variables)

3. Click on “file” (upper left corner)

4. Click on “open”

5. Click on “down arrow” to use either the “c” or “a” drives

6. Click so that the desired drive reveals its files

7. Click on the file you want to load

8. To execute an operation (e.g., ordered probit) type the following in the

command line: regress  (now click on the variable names as listed on the left side of page beginning with the dependent variable – note that using that replacing regress with “fit” will deliver many useful diagnostics - in regression and dichotomous logit/probit a constant is automatically included).  Then press “enter.”  Other estimators: logit (for the odds ratio – instead of the log of the odds ratio that logit yields - replace logit with logistic), probit (for marginal effects replace probit with dprobit), oprobit, ologit  (ordered probit/logit), mlogit (multinomial logit), nlogit (nested logit) and tobit.  If using tobit, after the last independent variable type a comma and the letters ll and ul (e.g., tobit ratio ada pover, ll ul).  This censors the model at the lower limit and upper limit (i.e., uses the lowest and highest values as the censoring points).  You can select a censoring point [i.e., ll (17)]. If censoring is only one side, you may use just one censor point (e.g., tobit ratio ada pover, ll) After running a tobit model, type quadchk  (if these results differ greatly from the tobit results it means that you probably shouldn’t use the tobit results).  After probit or logit commands you can eliminate all the convergence output by placing “nolog” at the end of the command line: probit vote ada99, bush00, nolog

Long Command Lines: If the command you are entering is so long that it will

not fit on one line then type /// at the endpoint of the first line and continue the command on a second line (i.e., the line below).

Reconfigure Screen: (1) click on “Prefs”; (2) click on “Manage Preferences”; (3)

click on “Load Preferences”; (4) click on “Factory Settings.”  If the something doesn’t appear as you expect, just run several equations, it will clear up. You may need to exit and then go back into Stata.

Place STATA Results in a Word File: Using the mouse, highlight the Stata

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