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“Weights”/Downloading DataIf you are downloading data and Stata refuses

to accept the file by saying “weights not allowed” or something like that put quotations around the file name.  Thus, if the file name is test, then in the command line type: use “test” (press enter)  Put the parentheses around everything expect the word: use  (thus use “C:/test” not “use C:/test”)

Word Responses into Numerical Responses: If you the responses are words

(e.g., strong agree, etc.) and you want to convert them to numerical values, one suggestion is to cut and paste the dataset into Excel and use the “Find and Replace” option – you can ask Excel to “find” words and then “ replace” with numbers.  You can see if there is a numerical code that the words translate into (e.g., strong agree becomes “1,” etc.) by the following procedure: (1) click on “Data” at the top of the screen; (2) click on “Data Editor”; (3) I think you can choose either “Edit” or “Browse”; (4) click on “Tools”; (5) click on “value labels”; (6) click on “Hide all value labels” – numbers should appear at this point. There is a way to permanently convert words into numbers. Go to data editor (choose “edit”, not “browse”) and select (i.e., highlight) the variable (one variable at a time) you are interested in (e.g. q1). Right click the mouse and choose “Value Labels” then choose “ Assign Value Label to Variable 'q1’” and finally, choose “None.”  This will erase the labels for the variable and leave the numeric values.

Merging Datasets:

Dear Stata Technical Support,  I=92m a Stata version #11 user (serial number: 30110511993).  I'm trying t= o merge two state files (statedata.dta and kellywitco.dta).  Statedata is annual data stacked by state from 1880 to 2008 while kellywitco.dta is annual data stacked by state from 1975 to 2006 (e.g., annual data for 1975 through 2006 for Alabama, then 1975 through 2006 for Alaska, etc. - both datasets are stacked this way but the statedata.dta series is a much longer time frame). The states are in the same order in both data sets.  The variable "year" is common to both datasets as is the variable "stnum" (for the number of the states and the state numbers are the same in both data sets).  Could you write out the specific commands I should use to merge them?  If you give "general directions" I'll never be able to figure it out.  Please write out the commands.  Thanks for your help.                         Chris Dennis

From: Stata Technical Support [tech-support@stata.com] Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2012 8:57 AM To: Chris Dennis Subject: Re: Merging Datasets (clearer version of message) Dear Chris,

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