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Undo Last Command:  control z (i.e., “Ctrl  z”)

Leave a Cell Blank in which You Had Previously Typed a Score: using the

mouse, highlight the cell and then push “backspace” key

Select Particular Non-Consecutive Items from a Row or Column:  First, look

under Stata (i.e., do it in Stata, NOT Excel) discussion under a heading: Deleting Observations from a Dataset. If you want to select say i.tems 5, 10 and 15 from a row but not the intervening items depress the “Control” key while selecting items.  If you want to select a block (e.g., not items 1-4 but 5-15 consecutively) hold down the “Shift” key. Now right click on mouse and select “copy.”  The use paste or “control v” to transfer the data to the other file. Read section below entitled: Copy and Paste Non-Consecutive Rows or Columns (e.g., transforming data organized by year to data organized by state in which case you might want to copy and paste lines 2, 52, 102, etc.)

Repeating a Score Down a Column: click once on the cell you want to

duplicate and “drag” down the column to highlight.  Then use: ctrl  d (i.e., “control  d”) to duplicate the cell.  Move the mouse outside the highlighted area and click.

Moving Data Up or Down a Cell: To move data “up” a cell you need to use the

          “cut and paste” command by highlighting and then clicking on “edit”; To

move data “down” a cell you could “cut and paste” or: (1) Highlight

the cell you want to omit (i.e., to bring every score up a cell); Click on

“Insert” (near top of screen); (2) Click on “cell” and it will give you options (the option with the dot already in it is the one to move the data down.

For Manipulating a Column, Multiplying (e.g., Creating an Interaction Term)

or Dividing an Entire Column by Another Column or Scalar:

(1) Highlight the letter above the column to the left of where you want the new column to go; (2) Click on “Insert” (top of screen); (3) Click on “column” (if you want to get rid of a column – click on “edit” and then click on “delete”); (4) Click on anywhere not highlighted to save the change; (5) Click on the second row (the first row under the column title or header – i.e., where the first data goes); (6) Type an “equal sign” (=) and enter the necessary formula [for example, to multiply column “D” by 2 (starting with row 2 in column D – the first column with data) type: 2*D2 (- the last “2” in the formula is for row 2 in column D: for division replace * with / - to multiply column D times column E type: =D2*E2]; (7) Press “enter”; (8) Highlight row 2 of the new column you are creating (which in this example is probably column C - i.e., the first cell in the new column that contains data – which should be the score in column D row 2, doubled) and every cell in the new column that you want the new data to appear in; (9) ctrl d  

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