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The 5500 utilizes ฀gilent’s PicoView, an imaging and analysis software package that offers 3D rendering capabilities. PicoView allows complete control of all scanning parameters and provides the lexibility required for more complex experiments. ฀n integrated script editor and sample scripts are also included.

For additional interactive post-processing capabilities, ฀gilent’s easy-to-use Pico Image Basic imaging and analysis software package includes all of the features and functions required to build a basic surface analysis report on multi-layer measurement data that is input from the 5500. The document consists of a set of frames containing surfaces, proiles extracted from surfaces, the results of applying ilters and other operators, analytical studies, and 2D and 3D parameters. ฀ measurement identity card, screen notes, and illustrations can be added to each document. Pico Image ฀dvanced and Expert packages are also available.

Ultra High Resolution Imaging on the 5500

The ฀gilent 5500 not only provides the researcher lexibility and modularity but also the highest imaging resolution. The 5500 has excellent signal-to-noise characteristics, low thermal drift and excellent control of the tip-sample forces. Figures 9-11 are just a few of the sub-100nm features seen in a variety of polymers.

Figure 10. STM image of C36H74 alkanes on graphite. Scan size: 8nm.

Figure 11. AFM images of C18H38 and C390H782 lamellae on graphite obtained in the contact mode. The spacings, which are related to the lamellae and individual chains, are distinguished in the image of C18H38 lamellae (left). The zigzag pattern along the closely packed alkane chains is seen in the image of the ultra long alkane – C390H782 (right).

Figure 12. AFM images of C242H486 lamellae on graphite obtained in the contact mode. Several slightly twisted lamellae were detected in the images of C242H486. A number of linear defects caused by the missing chains or their parts are also distinguished in the100nm image (left). The individual alkane chains, which are extended between the edges of the lamellae, are also noticed in the 55nm image (right).


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