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Jefferson Street at 8th Avenue North.

8th Avenue North, and eventually across I-65/265. In doing so, Garfield Street serves as the central spine of Salemtown carrying east-west thresholds at 3rd Avenue North and 8th Avenue North and an impor- tant center at 5th Avenue North, with the 5th Avenue Market and Deli and the Fehr School Building. Emphasizing the importance of the street as a place, Garfield Street becomes a point of arrival for the neighborhood.

The Civic Design Center recommends that Jefferson Street at 3rd Avenue North, 5th Avenue North, and 8th Avenue North be the focus of efforts to mark thresholds into the community and its neighborhoods. The 3rd Avenue North and 8th Avenue North intersections should serve as east-west and north-south thresholds at the scale of the community. The 5th Avenue North intersection is a particularly important north-south threshold for the Germantown neighborhood. If designed well, the intersection would break down the scale of Jefferson Street from the bridge to 8th Avenue North, and be an important joint connecting neighborhoods as the Bicentennial Master Plan develops.

Garfield Street development is a long-term initiative with immediate opportunities present at the Waste Water Treatment Plant, 5th Avenue North, and 8th Avenue North. It is paramount, though, that new buildings and projects engage Garfield Street and contribute to the life of the street, the neighborhood, and the community. Over time, the street will be further defined, and as it is, Garfield Street will be seen as an important piece of a network of commu- nity amenities, including the Cumberland River, Bicentennial Mall, Morgan Park, a redesigned Waste Water Treatment Plant, Monroe Street, Jefferson Street, Arthur Street, 8th Avenue North, and the Werthan and Neuhoff facilities.

Natural Conditions

Garfield Street

Garfield Street is particularly important for the Salemtown neighborhood. It stretches from the Waste Water Treatment Plant at 3rd Avenue North to

Working closely with the topograph , ecology, and climate of a city, neighborhood, or building produces practical, inspiring, and environmentally sound design. For the neighborhoods of Buena

Nashville Civic Design Center Report: The neighborhoods north of downtown Nashville page 14

Former Neuhoff site along the rive .

Vista, East Germantown, Germantown, Hope Gardens, and Salemtown, the Cumberland River and Capitol Hill are two natural conditions that should be embraced in all future planning. Plans for the former Neuhoff site already demonstrate the many ways the city can be rebuilt for an ecologically sustainable future, including rooftop gardens, greenway and park connections to downtown, and perhaps, a research center to study the Cumberland River.


Reclamation involves the redesign of socially, economically, and ecologically deteriorating spaces. Neighborhood planning and design provides an opportunity to engage potential reclamation sites, such as dead end streets created by the interstate, the

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