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erthan Factory Site.

Waste Water Treatment Plant, and the industrial properties of East Germantown. Often, it is a matter of converting a neighborhood liability into a neigh- borhood asset.

the south. Finally, the west side of the site fronts 8th Avenue North and supports the idea of another important node along the avenue that engages both the community and the city.

Civic Space

The civic realm can be defined broadly as the cumulative space of public buildings and the streets and sidewalks, parks and playgrounds where daily activity occurs. Vibrant civic or public space is essential to the life of neighborhoods and is charged by associated land uses and the design of the space itself. Old and new buildings, interesting and safe sidewalks, and dynamically programmed parks can make the study area a rewarding place for residents, business owners, and visitors.

erthan Factory Site The Werthan factory site is currently divided into two parts, the facilities of the bag company to the east and the former factory fronting 8th Avenue North. Because of its scale, its four distinct edges, and its central location, the site has enormous implications for the future of the community.

East of the site is the old railroad bed and Morgan Park, suggesting an important greenway link to the river. North and south of the site are the mostly residential areas of Germantown and Salemtown, though there are offices immediately to

Neighborhood Parks and Gardens

Streets throughout the study area terminate at the interstate. One strategy for revitalizing civic space in the community, then, is to reconsider the ends of these truncated streets as small neighborhood parks and gardens that meet the needs of the resi- dents. The parks and gardens could also be points along a neighborhood greenway that several residents suggested as a way to improve the community’s edge along the interstate.

In Salemtown, 4th Avenue North, 5th Avenue North, 6th Avenue North, and 7th Avenue North all

Nashville Civic Design Center Report: The neighborhoods north of downtown Nashville page 15

terminate at the interstate. Bounded as it is, Salemtown and its civic space could benefit signifi- cantly from creative thinking about the northern edge of the neighborhood.

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