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Historic Germantown, Inc. requested that the Nashville Civic Design Center study the neighbor- hoods immediately north of downtown Nashville in September 2001, and make recommendations that would help guide the long-term development of the community. The proposal from the Germantown group asked the Civic Design Center to develop a strategy that:

  • Goes beyond the boundaries of historic Germantown.

  • Involves businesses in the area.

  • Identifies land use possibilities.

  • Identifies existing and potential links to and through the area, especially pedestrian.

  • Integrates the Werthan and Neuhoff sites, the Metro Greenway and the Cumberland River. In its research and through community meet-

ings, the Civic Design Center focused on the opportunity for considering the individual neighbor- hoods as a community and building necessary links. Germantown, having achieved revitalization from within, is seeking to make new and important connections to adjacent neighborhoods, downtown, and the Cumberland River. The potential for the combined neighborhoods of Buena Vista, East Germantown, Germantown, Hope Gardens and Salemtown to strengthen the urban core and serve as a model for other areas of Nashville is significant.

Following are the Nashville Civic Design Center’s recommendations to help guide the collective development of Buena Vista, East Germantown, Germantown, Hope Gardens and Salemtown. The Civic Design Center recommends:

  • Creating a long-term plan that adheres to three fundamental observations: First, the entire study area is one important, contiguous section of the city. Second, each neighborhood is an interrelated part under the umbrella and identity of the whole. And three, the identity and individual assets of each neighborhood should be the departure point for any neigh- borhood plans.

  • Reestablishing links that have been severed due to past street closures. If opened, 9th Avenue North at the Kroger Supermarket, 6th and 7th Avenues North at the Werthan site, Buchanan Street at 8th Avenue, and possibly others would provide valuable links among the neighbor- hoods.

  • Establishing non-vehicular connections. The improvement and introduction of greenways and pedestrian and bicycle access should coincide with any transportation improve- ments.

  • Reevaluating the safety and design of sidewalks throughout, especially the location of utility poles.

Nashville Civic Design Center Report: The neighborhoods north of downtown Nashville page 4

The former Neuhoff site (above), Morgan Park (below).

  • Completing the work to make 8th Avenue North a boulevard by planting trees in the existing median.

  • Redeveloping the Neuhoff and Werthan industrial sites as part of the fabric of the whole community and not as isolated projects.

  • Developing 5th Avenue as an important link to the city and Monroe and Garfield Streets as east-west connectors.

  • Improving historic Morgan Park and emphasiz- ing its role as an important center for the entire area.

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