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Reports and Consultancies


"Thinking about Coalition Governments: Comparative and European Perspectives,” Department of International Development-UK,

Enabling State Program (Nepal), 2007.


Draft Charter of Rights and Principles for National, Ethnic, Linguistic and Religious Minorities (for Ministry of Human Rights, Kurdistan Regional Government), 2004.


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Academic reviews / review articles, encyclopedia articles, op-eds and magazine articles

Over 60 reviews or review articles in academic journals and newspapers. Over 100 encyclopedia articles in The Social Science Encyclopedia 2, The Social Science Encyclopedia 3, The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Human Thought, World Book Encyclopedia, The Encyclopedia of Nationalism, and the Guinness Encyclopedia.  Notable article, entry on “Democracy, Consociational’, in the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences 2.

Over 80 op-eds in newspapers listed above on page 3.

Public lectures, presentations, addresses and conference activities


"Nationalities, Oil, and Land: Kirkuk and the Disputed Territories", lecture address to the the conference on "The Kurds in International Affairs", Chatham House, London, December 19 2007, the text of the  presentation is available at http://www.krg.org/articles/detail.asp?smap=02010100&lngnr=12&asnr=&anr=22056&rnr=223. [Revised version of text will be in an edited volume of the Royal Institute of International Affairs]


"Transformations in Ireland", Keynote Address to the Irish Association Annual Conference, Cross Border People: Southerners in the North; Northerners in the South", Ramada Hotel, Shaw's Bridge, November 9 2007. [The text will be published in an edited volume

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