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Prof. Paul Power, Univ. Of Cincinnati writes: ‘a much needed political science evaluation’, Irish Literary Supplement, 1994.

Prof. Paul Arthur of the Univ. Of Ulster writes; ‘rich in information and judgement...remarkably accurate...should be required reading on advanced undergraduate lists’, Public Administration, 1994.

Prof. Lawrence McBride, Illinois State University, writes “a carefully worded and reasoned text”, in American Historical Review, October 1995, p. 1256.

The Politics of Ethnic Conflict Regulation, Routledge 1993. (ed.) With John McGarry.

William Gutteridge describes this as 'useful and remarkably comprehensive', Conflict Bulletin, Spring, 1994.

Prof. Duncan Morrow sees it as: ’a valuable collection of essays on a wide range of national and ethnic conflict... a useful and readable introduction for all those interested in ethnic conflict,’ Fortnight, Feb. 1995: 43.

Prof. Robert Cormack of Queen’s Univ., Belfast, describes it as ‘an excellent textbook for the study of  ethnic conflict...The [editors’] introduction would be essential reading for any course on ethnic conflict’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 19, 1, Jan. 1996: 207-08.

Northern Ireland: Sharing Authority, 1993. With Jim Marshall, Bob Rowthorn and Thomas Lyne.

Prof. Duncan Morrow, Irish Political Studies 1994, pp. 184-5 writes, ‘The authors, important social democratic thinkers with a long record of interest in Ireland, have invested considerable collective intellectual energy in their comprehensive and complex proposal for shared authority… As an exercise in constitution-making, the plan is ingenious and largely convincing… What the authors have conclusively proved is that the complexities of condominium government are not unresolvable at the level of intellectual endeavour’.  

Dr. Feargal Cochrane, Shared Thinking, Fortnight,  November, pp. 26-7,  writes ‘this courageous and seductive treatise is one of the most important publications since the introduction of direct rule [in 1972]’.

The Future of Northern Ireland, Oxford University Press, 1990. With John McGarry.

Prof. Peter Mair of the Univ. of Leiden writes: ‘This is an extremely worthwhile book, and McGarry and O'Leary are to be unreservedly congratulated for it', Irish Political Studies, 1991: 112-14.

Merlyn Rees, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, 1974-77,  writes: `I congratulate the editors for this valuable edition', LSE Magazine, Spring, 1991.

Paul King writes: ‘[the editors] are to be highly praised for their efforts', Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, July 1992: 222.

Prof. Tom Gallagher writes: ‘This is an incisive and well organised study’, West European Politics, Oct. 1991: 213.

Prof. Moxon-Browne of Queen's University Belfast writes that the book offers ‘a mine of well presented information... for any serious student of Northern Ireland politics',

International Affairs, July, 1991.

Prof. Adrian Guelke of the Univ. of the Witwatersrand writes ‘This is a most useful collection, especially for academics and students studying the Northern Ireland conflict, and it will deservedly find its way on to any serious reading list', Fortnight, April 1991.  

Prof. W. Harvey Cox writes ‘This will be a most valuable tool for the Student and Teacher', Parliamentary Affairs, Fall, 1991: 414.

Prof. Neil Collins of the Univ. of Ulster writes: ‘McGarry and O'Leary are to be congratulated for a most lucid presentation of the possibilities for progress in Northern Ireland'.

Prof. John Darby of the Univ. of Ulster writes that the book: ‘is a thoughtful and positive addition to discussion on possible solutions to the conflict', The Irish Review, Spring, 1991.

Andrew Wilson of Loyola University, Chicago describes it as ‘an important resource for all those concerned with the political future of [Northern Ireland] and for those interested in the general problems of nationalism, regionalism, and ethnicity’, Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism, XXI, 1-2, 1994: 123.

The Asiatic Mode of Production, Blackwell 1989

Professor Ernest Gellner, University of Cambridge, wrote in the Preface of “this powerful, incisive and definitive study… Dr. O’Leary’s book provides a superb and authoritative guide both to the logic and the history of the discussion, and it must, as such, be very warmly welcomed. ”

Dr. T.V. Sathyamurthy, York University, wrote, The Times Higher Education Supplement, 30.3. 1990 writes ‘Brendan O’Leary has written a comprehensive treatise on the AMP … In chapter six, the author demolishes Wittfogel’s work on ‘Oriental despotism’ with sanguinary gusto … splendid scholarship’.

Dr. Ellen Hazelkorn, Irish Political Studies, 1990, pp. 121-2 writes ‘a cogently argued textual exegesis… An esoteric subject matter by the author’s own admission, this book is both stimulating and rewarding… Brendan O’Leary’s book will be the definitive guide’.

Professor John A Rapp, The Journal of Asian Studies, 50, 1, February 1991, pp. 118-9 writes “a brilliantly researched and well-written book… What is so impressive about O’Leary’s scholarship is that he criticized the limits of Wittfogel’s and Marx’s analysis, based not only on the current historical evidence, but on a more thorough reading of the sources they themselves consulted!”

Professor Ian Roxborough, SUNY, Sociology, vol. 24, 4, Nov 1990, pp. 744-5 writes “This is a remarkable and impressive work of scholarship and erudition.  Most importantly, the argument is presented clearly, with razor-sharp logic”.

Professor Eero Loone, Studia Philosophica, II  (38), Tartu (Department of Philosophy, 1995), pp. 88-95 writes in his review article “O’Leary, Marx and Asia” “Marx provides us with an obvious counterexample to the generalization that all German academic writing is dull. In this respect, Brendan O’Leary is comparable to Karl Marx. O’Leary combines passion with academic study, and academic study profits from O’Leary’s style of writing… O’Leary has succeeded in

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