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Green Homes Incentive Packages Offers Rebates to New Homes on Oahu

Green homes

incentive package

ResIdeNtIal New CONstRuCtION

In the Summer 2007 Powerlines Publication, Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. (HECO) announced plans for a new energy efficiency program designed for Oahu developers and homebuilders. The Green Homes Incentive Package offers one-time rebates to home- builders for designing and building more energy efficient homes.

HECO received approval from the Public Utilities Commission in February 2007 to offer this new Residential New Construction rebate program to Oahu homebuilders. The Green Homes Incentive Pack- age program was modeled after the Building Industry Association’s BuiltGreen program and is currently available to both large and small developers as well as individual owner-builders of new homes.

Below is a matrix illustrating the various energy efficiency measures required to qualify for the four different levels of Green Homes Incentive Package offered by HECO.

“HECO has seen great movement in the residential new construc- tion market towards the use of solar water heating as a standard or at least as an option for new homes,” said HECO Residential Program Manager, Paul Brencick. “The whole idea behind the Green

heCo’s Green homes InCentIve PaCkaGe rebate sChedule (Effective February 13, 2007)

Homes program is to encourage new homebuilders to take the next continued




seeR 14

seeR 14

seeR 14

4 3 yes yes R-15 R-25 SHgc<0.5

4 3 yes yes R-15 R-25 SHgc<0.5 -

4 3 - - - - - -

Double-pane (SHgc0.29)




  • *

    cFL – abbreviation for compact Fluorescent Lamp

** Rebates shown are available to homebuilders only and are subject to change without notice.

efficiency Measure per dwelling

Central air Conditioning

eneRgY StaR® ceiling Fans eneRgY StaR (cFLs) eneRgY StaR clothes Washer eneRgY StaR Refrigerator Wall insulation ceiling insulation Skylights (1 or more) eneRgY StaR Windows

Rebate amount/Dwelling**

Gold-Plus None – Natural

Ventilation 4 3 yes yes R-15 R-25 SHgc<0.5

Double-pane (SHgc0.29)


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