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Energy Efficient Military Home continued

Historically on Oahu, the military’s residential energy

efficiency measures have contributed to over 5 mega- watts of demand savings. That is sufficient to power over 1,200 homes and save 35,000 barrels of oil per year. The military benefits with an annual electric bill savings of over $3.5 million - and growing! Since 1996, HECO’s Energy$olutionsSM program has paid over $5.6 million in rebates for the implementation of energy efficient technologies in these military homes. The renovation and new construction of these military homes throughout the island of Oahu continues to be designed and built with solar water heaters as well as photovoltaic solar panels when and where cost effective.

The next time you drive on the H1 freeway heading West near the airport, glance to your right and take note of the “forest” of solar panels on the roof tops of these energy efficient homes. These military communities are control- ling energy costs and curbing global warming. You can almost see the “green” sprouting from the rooftops of these energy efficient homes!!

HECO also provides and assists the military and its partners as well as commercial and industrial customers through its Energy$olutionsSM program, as well as educating manage- ment on the various energy technologies, conferences, and workshops available from year to year.

To learn more about HECO’s Energy$olutionsSM please visit our website at www.heco.com.



Elegant and Energy Efficient…

The Windsor condominium, located at 343 Hobron Lane, was originally built in 1983 as a 600-room hotel (Ohana Waikiki Hobron Hotel) and later transformed into a 181-unit luxury residential high- rise condominium in 2004. It features impeccably detailed one and two bedroom condominiums, full of luxurious touches and gracious amenities - a grand lobby entrance with waterfall, a small wooden bridge crossing a koi fish pond, and an incredible rooftop sky terrace that offers one of the best panoramic (360-degree) view of Honolulu.

Even though the Windsor shines elegantly bright, keeping the rising energy cost under control became a concern especially to the Windsor’s Resident Manager Tobey Nii who took the initiative to address his concerns to both the Windsor’s Board of Directors and Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. (HECO). As a result, Tobey embarked on an energy efficiency crusade starting with lighting retrofits in both common areas and individual apartments.


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