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these PV systems are located. In some cases, HECO may require a technical review of the design draw- ings in order to ensure that the PV installation meets all the safety requirements and that the PV system will not adversely impact HECO’s electric distribution system. Since PV systems have the potential to export power back to HECO’s grid, it is important that HECO accurately tracks the loca- tions of these PV systems especially when HECO employees are repairing or conducting mainte- nance on HECO’s electrical distribution system.

All new PV system installations must be in compliance with all safety and performance standards in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC), the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), and accredited testing laboratories such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). All applicable permits with each of the respective County agencies on each island along with inspections and approvals must also be completed. The final inspection and approval by the building and electrical inspectors is required and is a vital part of HECO’s approval process.

HECO suggests that customers interested in installing PV systems consult with a licensed electrician or contractor who is familiar with the required paperwork needed to participate in the NEM program.

If you have questions about PV Installations, need more information about NEM or the required forms that must be submitted to HECO, please call us at 543-4760 or visit our website at heco.com under the link to Renewable Energy.


EnergyScout™ Programs

Residential Energy Efficiency Update

To date over 25,400 participants have enrolled in the highly

successful EnergyScout™ for Home Water Heater program, which pays a $3 credit every month on each participant’s electric bill in exchange for HECO to install a small radio-controlled load control device on the participant’s electric resistance water heater. A similar program called EnergyScout™ for

The EnergyScout™ for Home Water Heater Program’s load control device.

Business Program is also available for larger businesses, organizations, and military sites as well.

During situations when Oahu’s electrical grid is experienc- ing emergency generation shortfall island-wide due to high electrical demand, the EnergyScout™ for Home Water Heater Program’s load control devices are programmed to temporarily


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