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Florida Lake Management Society Annual Conference, Naples, Florida, June 4 – 7, 2007

20 micrograms per liter, which is the nuisance level at which taste and odor episodes are likely. In order to achieve the 25 ppb management goal, Lambert Creek P loads need to be reduced by as much as 50%.

The goals of the plan include:

  • Purchasing easements

  • Creating an alternative ditch route

  • Abandoning the existing ditch by filling with excavation material

  • Construction of a pond and distribution weir

  • Construction of an emergency overflow weir

  • Distribute the ditch water to the wetland

  • Avoid any increase in flood levels

  • Assess the performance of the weir in P removal and need for chemical addition

The construction plan consists of installing a 530-foot sheet pile weir with 45 adjustable weir openings. A 1.7-acre pond will be excavated to a depth of 4 feet to act as a stilling pool and the outflow will be dispersed into the greater wetland. The current ditch will be filled in for a reach of 2226 feet (County Ditch 14), and a 2226 foot emergency overflow ditch will be excavated to the east of the current ditch. The weir will be designed for dispersion only with minimal impoundment and head loss; about 0.1 feet of head. A pond outlet will be constructed at a proper elevation to direct flows greater than 20 cubic feet per second (cfs) to the emergency overflow route. The extensive flow record on County Ditch #14 shows that 20 cfs represents 94% of the flow regime and 96% of the total phosphorus entering Lambert Lake.

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