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Water Atlas projects manage and deliver all-source data through a map interface (spatially managed data). The key to this process is an accurate relationship between the data site and the waterbody with which the site is associated. LAKEWATCH sites are spatially matched to map themes based on the 1:24,000 scale National Hydrology Database (NHD). Additional map themes are then added to the base map to create the ArcIms map that is used to drive the spatial/nonspatial database. Figure 2 shows Water Atlas web-based map with the Florida Atlas of Lakes Themes added. Additional themes, including the 2004 aerials, will be added as the project matures.

Figure 2. ArcIms map page showing site them, NHD lake and sub-region themes, Florida Lake Regions and Counties.

Data is managed and displayed on water resource pages. The Florida Atlas of Lakes web page structure will include over 600 resource pages and a main or program page (Figure 3). Both page types are managed through a web page administration function that will be used by volunteers and LAKEWATCH coordinators to personalize text and add photos and communicate via announcements and web-based forms.

Figure 3. Florida Atlas of Lakes program page.

Conclusion When implemented in October 2007, the Florida Atlas of Lake will allow the citizens of Florida to better understand and appreciate the important work that is done on their behalf by the Florida LAKEWATCH volunteers.

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