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Florida Lake Management Society Annual Conference, Naples, Florida, June 4 – 7, 2007

past five years. These funds have helped the City to construct five major treatment systems on the chain of lakes. The efficiency of having all critical staff working out of a single office, allows the Public Works Director to rapidly act on advice from construction, engineering and limnological experts, related to changes in staff task assignments, project prioritization, maintenance frequency or other operational aspects of the program.

Results and Discussion

Monitoring data show average annual water clarity (Secchi disk transparency) within the Winter Park Chain of Lakes has increased between 50% and 130% in the past ten years. In 1998 the average annual Secchi disk transparency ranged from 1.0 to 1.5 meters on the four lakes in the Winter Park Chain. In 2006 all four lakes had average annual clarities above 2.0 meters. Trend analyses of data from this period, show a continuous, strong progression toward improving water clarity on each lake The City feels that these improvements have been in large part due to dedicated funding, heavy emphasis on maintenance and unified oversight of lake and stormwater management activities.

In 2006 the Lakes Board adopted a goal to achieve 3.0 meter average annual water clarity in all four lakes in the Winter Park Chain. To reach this ambitious goal, the City will need to continue actively constructing stormwater treatment facilities, as a significant portion of the stormwater conveyance system has yet to be retrofitted. As the retrofit program begins to reach completion (effective treatment on all outfalls where it is practical), a higher percentage of the stormwater utility revenue will be shifted to operation and maintenance activities to ensure that the maximum treatment potential of each facility is maintained. The City will also look to innovative in lake treatments to speed improvements on lakes where retrofit work is complete. Included in this effort is one project currently underway on Lake Virginia. A follow up study on the nutrient loading to the chain of lakes identified sediment recycling (internal loading) as a significant source of phosphorus to the lake. In 2006, grant money was obtained from the State of Florida to assist in the implementation of a sediment P deactivation project using aluminum sulfate. This project will be completed in July of 2007.


Phelps, G.G., German, E.R., Beckage, B. and Gain, S. (1995). Water Budgets, Water Quality, and Analysis of Nutrient Loading of the Winter Park Chain of Lakes, Central Florida, 1989-92: U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Investigations Report 95-4108

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