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Unique Villa Homes:

An Exciting Addition to the Brooking Park/Willows Campus

here are 14 new ways to enjoy carefree living at The Willows senior community in Chesterfield. The Villas on Willow Breeze Court are the most recent addition to the Brooking Park/Willows campus. A beautiful work in progress, The Villas, along with The Willows apartment homes and Brooking Park’s assisted living and skilled care services, make this a continuing care retirement campus. T

What sets The Villas apart is the fact they are state-of-the-art, the culmination of potential residents’ ideas and preferences and extensive design research.

“We asked seniors thinking of moving to The Willows what they really wanted in the way of their very own, personal retirement space,” said Mary Alice Ryan, St. Andrew’s President/CEO. “And, they said, ‘the latest trends in villa-style homes minus the chores and responsibilities associated with our own homes now.’ To complement that, we researched senior lifestyle technology design.”

As a result, The Villas are not only beautiful, but also spacious and offer state-of-the-art kitchens, laundry rooms and baths, along with technology that includes tank-lesswater heating systems, radiant floor heating, and maintenance-free interiors and exteriors. Villa residents will also have access to the Centerstage amenities already enjoyed by The Willows residents next door, including a 130-seat theatre, art gallery, gourmet dining, convivial bar and grille, wine cellar, indoor pool and fitness center.

“All the careful planning, out-of-the box thinking, and wishing are coming together on Willow Breeze Court with the model villas being ready now for you to come and see,” Ms. Ryan said.

Additional information about The Villas may be obtained by calling 314-576-0800.

Tower Grove Manor Resident is a Special Centenarian Plus Four

argaret Kohlhauff likes to joke that a full complement of lighted candles on her birthday cake would probably be visible from space. Actually, she deserves that kind of recognition. Ms. Kohlhauff is a special lady who takes no prescription medications, seldom requires a doctor’s care, has lived at Tower Grove Manor for more than three decades, is very independent and 104 years young. M

“Tower Grove Manor has been my home for 33 years,” she says looking around her comfortable and warmly appointed apartment. “Everyone here – staff and lots of friends – are wonderful. Gosh, no; I’d never think of moving somewhere else.”

A St. Louis native, Ms. Kohlhauff went to McKinley High School and later worked as a secretary and bookkeeper for local businesses. She always took the streetcar to work and lived for many years on Virginia Avenue, not far from Tower Grove Manor.

“That’s how I knew about it and that someday I wanted to live here,” Ms. Kohlhauff said. “I always admired this place,” with its views of Tower Grove Park and the St Louis skyline. She served for several years on the Board of Directors of St. Andrew’s, which owns and manages the Manor.

Today, using only a walker for a little support, Ms. Kohlhauff attends and takes part in Tower Grove Manor’s many activities and events. Her preference is anything musical. She is also fond of Happy Hour, “and maybe just a little sweet wine,” as well as with having dinner with her friends in the senior community’s dining room. “Good food,” she says,

“but sometimes I like to have Imo’s pizza, too.” A distant cousin and his wife, Ms. Kohlhauff’s only local relatives, “and wonderful people,” often bring a couple of the pizzas when they come to visit each week.

Ms. Kohlhauff is always ready for visitors. With the help of an aide provided by St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions, she is up bright and early each day, stylishly dressed and accessorized. Her hair is styled each week by Tower Grove Manor’s beautician. “It’s important to do your best to look nice,” she says.

New Money Helps St. Andrew’s Expand Its Reach!

S t. Andrew’s provides almost $1.5 million in charitable care annually. That’s a lot of money for a Charitable Foundation that is less than three years old to raise...particularly in a difficult economy! But with a little help from donors new and old, we are on our way to meeting that goal. Here’s how: Alan E. Brainerd was nominated and selected as a Community Service Award honoree by Commerce Bank. As a result, St. Andrew’s received a grant of $10,000 and was able to use those funds to provide additional help to support services for low- income seniors provided through St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions. Research has led us to identify several foundations which have not funded St. Andrew’s in the past. We have submitted proposals, and continue to do so, estimating a measurable impact from these dollars. We will submit new requests to prior donors that have asked us to increase our amount sought and we will re-approach donors who have previously turned us down.

You can help by making a new gift, a second gift, or asking your friends to join you in supporting St. Andrew’s and its Mission of providing choices and options to elders and their caregivers that foster a vital life. We truly value active aging and expect that St. Andrew’s is the premier

provider of the services and environments that

Commerce Bank President Seth Leadbetter (left) p r e s e n t s a C o m m u n i t y S e r v i c e A w a r d t o S t . A n d r e w s

FRIENDS Chairman Alan E. Brainerd.

enhance it. Please be part of the solution!


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