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You have just experienced an automobile accident, damage to or loss from your vehicle and find yourself at a Collision Reporting Center. The entire system is new to you, and you wonder what to do next.

The following is a brief explanation of the Collision Reporting facility, why you are here and what you can expect.

Collision Reporting Centers:

This facility has been set up for the following reasons:

To facilitate an efficient way of reporting your automobile mishap to the police. To eliminate lengthy, often dangerous waiting periods at the accident scene. To allow Police to better allocate their resources to serve the public at no cost to the police or tax payers. To provide you with friendly, prompt service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This facility is at no cost to you! Participating insurance companies pay for our services.

Filing a Police Report:

Your vehicle will be inspected and a sticker will be applied to the damaged area of your vehicle. You will then be given a self-report form to complete. The police will request your driver's license, vehicle ownership, and insurance liability card. Please have these available.

The Damage Reported sticker indicates that the damage or loss has been reported to the police. It should not be removed until the damage or loss is reported to your insurance company and repaired. This sticker provides a means to assist the police in identifying and controlling hit-and-run drivers.

The Role of Accident Support Services

They are here to facilitate an active partnership between the police and the insurance industry in post accident care by offering knowledgeable advice and assistance to you on behalf of your insurance company.

Services available through Accident Support Services:

They represent the majority of insurance companies and are therefore able to relay further instructions from them and give you brochures explaining your options Counselors are available to help you complete the Collision Report form They will help you to contact your insurance company to speed up the claim settlement process Your report will be sent the same day to your insurance company If your vehicle is non-drivable, we can assist you through the next step in the process towards achieving a speedy claim, getting your vehicle to a repair facility, and help you find a rental vehicle They help protect you from fraud by giving you information to make the right choices in resolving your claim. Photo-imaging the damage on your car is possible to protect you and your insurer

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