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Configuring a BSD-Style Print Queue

For remote BSD-Style LPD printing, add the OkiLAN 6200e as a remote printer in the “/etc/printcap” database to each host printing to the OkiLAN 6200e.

You can add PRINTCAP options as needed. If you are unfamiliar with PRINTCAP, consult your local documentation.

The entry should be similar to the following:

local_print_queue_name|[printer_model_and_manufacturer]:\:lp=:mx#0:rm=OkiLAN 6200e_name:\:rp=remote_print_queue_name:\:sd=path_to_spool_directory:lf=just log_file_name


The local_print_queue_name defines the name of the printcap entry. It is used by the lpr/lpd utilities to specify which printcap entry is being referenced. Additional printcap entries can be added as needed for different queue types. Each entry must have a unique local_print_queue_name and a different spool directory to work properly. When you are ready to print, use the local_print_queue_name that matches the data type of the file to be printed.

OkiLAN 6200e_name

This is the name (alias) of the OkiLAN 6200e. This must be the same name as entered in the /etc/hosts file or your NIS or DNS system. An IP address may also be used here.


The remote_print_queue_name entry determines the OkiLAN 6200e port where the print job will be printed and optionally specifies ASCII printing.


This is the path to a directory where the print jobs will be spooled for this queue. You must create a unique spool directory for each printcap entry.


This is the path to a file where error information from the lpd will be logged.

Example: If you are printing to an ASCII printer that requires a carriage return/line feed, you may need two separate printcap entries: one entry for print jobs which terminate lines with a carriage return/line feed, and another entry for print jobs which terminate lines with a line feed only. Your printcap entries might look like the following: ascii_files|form.feed.Queue_on_Port_2:\:lp=:mx#0:rm=pserver1:rp=MYQUEUEFF2:\:sd=/usr/spool/myqueueff2:\:lf=/usr/spool/myqueueff2/queue.log asciilf_files|line.feed.Queue_on_Port_2:\:lp=:mx#0:rm=pserver1:rp=MYQUEUELF2:\:sd=/usr/spool/myqueuelf2:\:lf=/usr/spool/myqueuelf2/queue.log

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