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The default subnet mask is The OkiLAN 6200e interprets a subnet mask of or as no subnet mask specified.

CAUTION: If you select an invalid subnet mask, you may not be able to access the OkiLAN 6200e.

Default Gateway

If your local network is attached to other networks, you can specify the address of your default gateway. This gateway will be selected whenever messages need to be sent to another network.

The gateway address must follow the format XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, where each XXX is a number from 0 to 255.

CAUTION: If you select an invalid default gateway or the default gateway becomes unavailable, the OkiLAN 6200e may not be able to communicate with non-local networks.

WINS Server

If you are using WINS name resolution, set the address of the WINS Server where the System Name of the OkiLAN 6200e will be registered.

Use DHCP to Locate WINS Server

If you are using DHCP for IP address resolution, select this option to obtain the address of the WINS Server from the DHCP Server.

Telnet/HTTP Password:

Allows you to modify the current password required for Telnet or HTTP access The default password is the serial number of the OkiLAN 6200e.

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