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Permanently Defining SNMP Access Information

Access to OkiLAN 6200e configuration and diagnostic information is determined by using community names. The Special Options window is used to permanently define access information so that it does not need to be entered each time the OkiLAN 6200e is accessed. To Get and/or Set information on the OkiLAN 6200e through OkiNet for TCP/IP, community names must match the community names assigned to the OkiLAN 6200e.

To configure OkiNet for TCP/IP to use the correct community names, select Special Options from the File menu.

IP Address

This field displays the address of each OkiLAN 6200e for which OkiNet for TCP/IP has defined access. To add a new IP address to this list, select the Add button.

Get Community Name

Enter the Get Community Name necessary to access the OkiLAN 6200e or group of OkiLAN 6200e products selected.

Set Community Name

Enter the Set Community Name necessary to access the OkiLAN 6200e or group of OkiLAN 6200e print servers selected.


Select the Add button to define access to a new OkiLAN 6200e or a group of OkiLAN 6200e print servers. The IP address must follow the format XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, where each XXX is a number from 0 to 255. Use * to specify groups/subnets.

For example: To add a single OkiLAN 6200e, enter To add a group of OkiLAN 6200e print servers, enter 198.168.42.*.


The Delete button deletes an OkiLAN 6200e access entry in the IP address.

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