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Running a Telnet Session


To run the configuration utility, type the following: telnet <OkiLAN 6200e_name>


Replace OkiLAN 6200e_name with the IP address or the host name assigned to the OkiLAN 6200e you want to configure. A screen will appear displaying an introductory message. When prompted for a password, enter OkiLAN. The password will not be echoed.


When you are finished typing your password, press Enter. For password verification, you will then be asked to enter your password again. Each time you use the utility, you will be asked to enter your password. If you fail to enter the password correctly in three attempts, your connection with the OkiLAN 6200e will be closed.


Once your password is entered and accepted, a list of options will display. An explanation of each option follows.


OkiLAN 6200e Configuration Utility

1. Show Network/Printer Information

2. Change Password

3. Specify Print Server IP Address

4. Specify Subnet Mask For Your Network

5. Identify Default Gateway IP Address

6. Configure Port

7. TCP Connection Configuration

8. Download New Firmware

9. Restore to Factory Defaults

To select an option above, type its number and press Enter.

To quit, press Enter.


Showing Network/Printer Information (Option 1)

This option displays current network and printer information.

Changing the Password (Option 2)

This option allows you to change the password required for access to this utility. We recommend that you change your password periodically, especially if security may have been compromised. Type a password (5-24 characters long). The characters you type will not appear on the screen. When you are done typing, press Enter. You will be asked to enter your password again. This allows you to verify your password was typed correctly.

You must save your changes when you exit the utility for the new password to take effect.

Specify Print Server IP Address (Option 3)

This option allows you to select the method the OkiLAN 6200e uses to obtain its IP address or to set a permanent IP address. If the OkiLAN 6200e has been configured

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