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switching options, see Output Port Configuration Options.

Configure Printer Type

This option enables you to indicate the printer type to which the OkiLAN 6200e is connected. Printer choices are:


Oki Data printer.


Custom printer.


Language Switching Sequence - If you select Custom Printer from the Configure Printer Type screen, you must indicate the switching sequence to be used for both PCL and PostScript. This is only necessary if language switching is set to something other than OFF.

TCP Connection Configuration (Option 7)

TCP Connection Timeout

This is used to sever network TCP/IP Connections that are idle for more than a specified period of time (between 1 and 3600 seconds). You can also disable timeout checking. Under most conditions you will want to leave this function enabled.

Raw Port Number

Set the port number where the raw port connections will be accepted.

Download New Firmware (Option 8)

This option is provided for future product modifications and enhancements. It requires an update file from OKI.

CAUTION: Do NOT use this option without having the upgrade files on hand. The OkiLAN 6200e will be locked in download mode. This is indicated by a flashing orange-green Status LED.

The latest firmware and utilities are available through:


World Wide Web: http://www.okidata.com

Firmware update instructions are available with the download file.

Restore to Factory Default Configuration (Option 9)

This option automatically restores the OkiLAN 6200e to its original factory defaults. Be aware that when you restore the OkiLAN 6200e to the original factory default settings, only the TCP/IP protocol and output port information is restored and your TCP/IP password and IP address are erased.

CAUTION: Make sure that no print jobs are active when you select Restore to Factory Defaults. Performing this operation will restore parameters for the TCP/IP protocol to factory defaults. If you reset the OkiLAN 6200e while a job is printing, the job may not print successfully.

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