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Advanced Configuration Options

The following configuration options are advanced features of the OkiLAN 6200e utility. Most users will not need to access these features. Read the following descriptions carefully before utilizing these options.

Set Type

The Set Type option is accessed by selecting Type from the Configure pull-down menu. This option allows you to configure the AppleTalk Type. For some print spoolers to work properly, the AppleTalk Type must be changed. Refer to Capturing With a Spooler for more information.

The default AppleTalk Type is LaserWriter. For most printer drivers, this setting should not be changed. This includes the LaserWriter Drivers, HP LaserJet Drivers and other drivers.

Each EtherTalk printer port supports two AppleTalk Types:


Type1 (mandatory) - The Type 1 default is LaserWriter. This option should not be changed unless the user wishes to use a print spooler without bypass or the user does not want the printer to respond to any of the LaserWriter drivers.


Type 2 (optional) - Select this option when configuring for a spooler.

Enable Port

This option allows you to enable or disable a port. If a port is disabled, it will appear in the OkiLAN 6200e utility but will not appear in the Chooser. A disabled port cannot be configured. The only valid options for a disabled port are Status, Enable Port, Print Config, and Restore Defaults. A port should be disabled when no printer is attached.

Note: It is possible to disable all ports but this is not recommended. The EtherTalk protocol will still be active on the network. To disable the EtherTalk protocol, use a utility from one of the other protocols.

Reset Board

This option will reset the print server.

Restore Defaults

This option will automatically return the EtherTalk interface to its factory defaults. All ports will be restored to factory defaults.

The following OkiLAN 6200e variables will restore to default:

Name: OKI <serial number> Port <port number> (for single port products, the port number will not be shown)

Type 1 = LaserWriter

Type 2 = (None)

Zone = Default - (The default zone for the network segment will be used)

Port Enabled = Yes

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