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OkiLAN 6200e Utility Errors

Message: AppleTalk network is inaccessible.

Recommended Action: Examine network connections and verify AppleTalk is active in the Chooser.

Message: Device limit exceeded. First 100 devices will be shown.

Recommended Action: There are a maximum of 100 devices. Reduce the number of zones you are searching and try again.

Message: Device returned invalid local zone list.

Recommended Action: Verify proper router operation.

Message: Incompatible version of OkiLAN 6200e utility.

Recommended Action: Call 1-800-OKI-DATA (1-800-654-3282).

Message: NBP Lookup Error.

Recommended Action: Try again.

Message: “Name” @ “Zone” is busy.

Recommended Action: Unable to change the configuration at this time. Try again.

Message: “Name” @ “Zone” is not responding. Verify the OkiLAN 6200e is powered on. To reconnect with the device, return the zone selection window and search again.

Recommended Action: The device did not respond. If a reset has just taken place, the OkiLAN 6200e may not be registered on the network yet. Verify the  OkiLAN 6200e is powered on. Search the network again to find the device.

Message: No OkiLAN 6200e device(s) found. Verify the OkiLAN 6200e is powered on.

Recommended Action: Confirm the device is powered on and the LED is green. Verify correct zone to search by printing a configuration sheet.

Message: Option is not available with this product.

Recommended Action: This configuration option is not available with this product.

Message: Only the first 1024 zones found will be displayed.

Recommended Action: Reduce the number of zones on your network.

Message: Router zone requested failed.

Recommended Action: The OkiLAN 6200e utility is unable to communicate with the router and to locate the zones. Confirm proper router operation.

Message: The change could not be verified.

Recommended Action: The change will take place when the OkiLAN 6200e is idle. If it

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