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OkiLAN 6200e Connect for DLC

OkiLAN 6200e Connect for Data-Link Control (DLC) provides a direct printing solution for users in Microsoft Windows NT serverless environments with the DLC/LLC protocol. Print jobs printed through OkiLAN 6200e Connect are sent directly to the OkiLAN 6200e print server and not routed through the network server, resulting in a reduction of network traffic. OkiLAN 6200e Connect for DLC can be used to configure the print server, obtain status from the print server and printer, and send jobs to the printer.

Note: To obtain a version of OkiLAN 6200e Connect for DLC that supports Windows NT, visit the FTP site (ftp://ftp.extendsys.com/pub/printserver/utilities/) or contact Technical Support.

Configure Port

If you have printing problems while using the OkiLAN 6200e Connect printing port, you may check the status of the port by selecting Configure Port under the Ports tab in the Properties screen.

Notify On Printer Error

This feature will check the printer status prior to printing the job. If a printer error is detected (e.g. printer off-line or out of paper) the error description will be given.

Notify When Printed

This feature will provide an alert when your job is active on the printer. This may be useful if the printer is especially busy.


An optional field where you may list the location or other useful information about the printer port.

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