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Product Introduction

Designed for users where styling is as important as specifications, the Handy Steno AH320 is a USB flash drive that represents the perfect marriage of form and function.

The AH320 is expertly crafted and intelligently designed. Its semi-translucent casing and soft contours add a touch of elegance, giving it a clean, classic look. With smooth lines and distinctive cool grey and arctic white tones, the AH320 is a flash drive that you will want to show off.

Its unique design not only gives it its distinct look, but also has a practical application-- the USB cap can be secured to the back of the unit when not in use. Say goodbye to misplaced caps – the AH320 has you covered.

Designed to be small, compact, and light, the AH320 is a practical and fashionable companion for the student or executive on-the-go. The slim and compact design also means that adjacent USB ports are not obscured. In addition, its scant 9g weight makes the AH320 easy to carry in a jeans pocket or even make it an accessory you will want to take everywhere.

In essence, the AH320 is a most capable USB flash drive. Store, share, and transfer your digital media anytime, anywhere. For professionals and designers that need to transport large files, the AH320 also comes with up to 2GB of capacity, making it easy to store high-resolution images, MP3 music files, or even videos on-the-go.

The convenience of digital storage with a touch of elegance. Meet the Handy Steno AH320 from Apacer.

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    • USB Interface

    • -

      Compatible with USB specification revision 2.0

    • -

      Backward compatible with USB specification revision 1.1

    • -

      A true “plug & play” connection supports hot swapping function

  • Attractive Design

Clean lines, cool grey tones, and arctic white highlights are perfect for the office or the runway.

  • Snap-on Cap

Its design not only represents its elegance, but also allows you to secure the USB cap to the back of the unit when not in use.

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