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attempting to implement a custom control flow obfuscation to inhibit static and dynamic

analysis as was done in the solution to the Wintel machine code anti-reversing exercise,

apply one or more of the control flow obfuscations available in SandMark and observe

their impact by decompiling the obfuscated bytecode using Jad. Show that the Java

bytecode reversing solution illustrated in the animated tutorial in Section 5.4 can no

longer be carried out as demonstrated.

8.4 Animated Solution to the Java Bytecode Anti-Reversing Exercise

For instructional purposes, an animated solution to the exercise in Section 8.3 that

demonstrates the use of anti-reversing tools introduced in Section 8 was created using

Qarbon Viewlet Builder and can be viewed using Macromedia Flash Player. The tutorial

begins with the Java Password Vault application, ProGuard, SandMark, Jad, CafeBabe,

and Sun's Java JDK already installed on a Windows® XP machine. Fig. 8.2 contains an

example slide from the animated solution. The animated solution for the Java bytecode

anti-reversing exercise can be downloaded from the following location:

Java Bytecode Anti-Reversing Animated Solution:


Begin viewing the tutorial by extracting password_vault_java_antireversing_exercise.zip

to a local directory and either running password_vault_java_antireversing_exercise.exe

which should launch the standalone version of Macromedia Flash Player, or by opening

t h e f i l e p a s s w o r d _ v a u l t _ j a v a _ a n t i r e v e r s i n g _ e x e r c i s e _ v i e w l e t _ s w f . h t m l i n a W e b b r o w s e r .


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