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9.1 Legacy Software Reengineering and Reuse Exercise

Provide a command-line (or graphical) interactive Java front-end to the legacy

COBOL application SMPLCALC.cbl by implementing the program architecture

illustrated in Fig. 9.4. Before starting the exercise, download and extract the following

a r c h i v e f i l e l o c a t e d h e r e h t t p : / / r e v e r s i n g p r o j e c t . i n f o / r e p o s i t o r y . p h p ? f i l e I D = 9 _ 1 _ 1 .

Follow these steps to complete the exercise:

  • 1)

    Locate the interface data structure for SMPLCALC.cbl in the copybook (source include file) SMPLCALC.cpy. There is only one data structure in the copybook.

  • 2)

    Create an XML Schema which represents all of the data in the SMPLCALC- INTERFACE COBOL data structure. Instead of writing this by hand, you can use the Micro Focus Net Express CBL2XML wizard [37].

  • 3)

    Write a Java interface ISimpleCalculator.java for three computation types supported by SMPLCALC.cbl using appropriate method signatures:

    • a)

      long doAdd(int, int) throws java.lang.ArithmeticException.

    • b)

      long doSubtract(int, int) throws Java.lang.ArithmeticException

    • c)

      long doMultipy(int, int) throws Java.lang.ArithmeticException

  • 4)

    Write a Java class JSimpleCalculator.java that implements the interface defined in ISimpleCalculator.java and provides a user interface for:

    • a)

      Specifying which computation (add, sub, mul) is desired.

    • b)

      Specifying the operands to the computation.

    • c)

      Displaying the result of the computation (can be an error).

  • 5)

    Use the Java command-line utility xjc, in combination with the XML Schema created in Step 2, to generate Java to XML marshalling code (JAXB). Update JSimpleCalculator.java to call this marshalling code.


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