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110 Adhoc Networks

111 Software Defined and Cognitive Radio

112 RFID Technologies

Chair: W. Chen Room: Honolulu Suite I

Chair: I. Oka Room: Honolulu Suite II

Chair: A. Loeffler Room: Honolulu Suite III

110.1 Anonymous Communication in MANET’s, Solutions and Challenges A. Tehrani, H. Shahnasser, San Francisco State University, United States

111.1 Identification Error Analysis of Block Orthogonal Modulations for Cognitive Radio T. Kinugasa, I. Oka, S. Ata, Osaka City University, Japan

112.1 An UHF RFID Reader for Cell Phones A. Loeffler, S. Heisler, University of Erlangen- Nuremberg, Germany

110.2 Routing in DTN Based on Handoff Mechanism A. Aziz, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan; S. Yamada, National Institute of Informatics, Japan

111.2 Robust QAM Classification Against Frequency Offset S. Ohara, I. Oka, S. Ata, Osaka City University, Japan

112.2 Backscattering Optimization on RFID Tags with Multiple RF Ports G. Seigneuret, STMicroelectronics, France; T. Deleruyelle, E. Bergeret, P. Pannier, IM2NP, France

110.3 A Method to Compute the Packet Size and to Transmit the Packets for the Efficient VoIP Communication Using the MIL-STD-188- 220C J.-H. Han, S.-W. Han, Agency for Defence Development, South Korea

111.3 Optimal Access Period for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks D.-J. Lee, Korea Aerospace University, South Korea; M.- S. Jang, LG Electronics, South Korea

112.3 Miniaturization of RFID Tag by Means of an Electrically Small Resonator F. Paredes, G. Zamora, F. Martin, J. Bonache, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

110.4 Cross-Layered Design of Security Scheme for Cooperative MIMO Sensor Networks W. Chen, L. Hong, M. Mcneal, tennessee state university, United States

111.4 A Novel ARQ Scheme Based on Network Coding Theory in Cognitive Radio Networks Y. Liu, Z. Feng, P. Zhang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

112.4 Hybrid RFID Employing Optical Wireless Communication W. Noonpakdee, J. Liu, K. Dong HYUN, S. Shimamoto, Waseda University, Japan

110.5 Research on Routing Algorithm for MANET Based on Grover Searching Theory L. Meng, Zhejiang University of Technology, China; X. Shen, .Zhejiang Provincial Optical Communication Key Lab, China

111.5 Linear Combination Based Energy Detection Algorithm under Low SNR for Cognitive Radios S. Zhang, Z. Bao, Nantong University, China

110.6 Performance Measurement and Analysis of ZRP for MANETs Using Network Simulator- QualNet M. N. Srirangaraju, BIT, Bangalore-04, India, India

111.6 A Method for Specific Emitter Identification Based on Intrinsic Time-Scale Decomposition C. Song1,2, J. Xu1,2, Y. Zhan1,2 National Laboratory of Information Control Technology for Communication System, China; 2No.36 Research Institute of CETC, China




15:30 17:30

113 Special Session: Collaborative Wireless Comm. Research in China II

Chair: J. Lu, Y. Wang Room: TAPA Ballroom II

113.1 Waveform Design of FQPSK Based on Bézier Curve

  • Q.

    Wan, K. Niu, Z. Bie, Z. He,

  • W.

    Wu, Beijing University of

Posts and Telecommunications, China

113.2 Improving Transmission Capacity of Wireless Networks with Multi-Domain Collaborations

  • J.

    Lu, Y. Jia, T. Xing, X. Tao,

  • Y.

    Wang, Tsinghua University,


113.3 Reconfiguration of Wireless Network Architecture for Supporting High User Capacity X. Tao, H. Deng, B. Lin, J. Lu, Tsinghua University, China

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