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206 RFICs and MMICs

207 Experimental and Computational Analysis of Wireless Networks

208 Antenna Arrays

209 Special Session: Cognitive Radio Research in China II

Chair: M. Kraemer Room: TAPA Ballroom II

Chair: Z. Yun Room: Honolulu Suite I

Chair: H.-S. Youn Room: Honolulu Suite II

Chair: P. Zhang, Y. Wang Room: Honolulu Suite III

206.1 Concept for Electronic Calibration of a CMOS Voltage Reference M. Heinrich, J. Heidrich, T. Ussmueller, R. Weigel, University of Erlangen- Nuremberg, Germany

207.1 5.8-Km 10-Gbps Data Transmission over a 120- GHz-Band Wireless Link A. Hirata, T. Kosugi, H. Takahashi, J. Takeuchi, K. Murata, N. Kukutsu, Y. Kado, NTT Corporation, Japan; S. Okabe, T. Ikeda, F. Suginosita, K. Shogen, NHK, Japan; H. Nishikawa, A. Irino, T. Nakayama, N. Sudo, Fuji Television Network, Inc., Japan

208.1 Development of Voltage Tunable Ferroelectric Coplanar Phase shifters for Low Cost High Performance Phased Array Antennas with Beam Steering Capabilities H-S. Youn, Y-L. Lee, C. Tanaka, W. Kim, M. F. Iskander, University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States

209.1 A Collision-Free Resident Channel Selection Based Solution for Deafness Problem in the Cognitive Radio Networks X. Zheng, Y. Li, Institute of China Electronic System Engineering Company, China; H. Zhang, Chongqing Communication College, China

206.2 Multiobjective Optimization for RF Low Noise Amplifier Design J. Michal, J. Dobes, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

207.2 Multi-User Capability of an FM IR-UWB System B. Schleicher, S. Ahmed, A. Trasser, H. Schumacher, Ulm University, Germany

208.2 An Experimental Evaluation of Antenna Array Calibration to Compensate the Mutual Coupling Effect Y. Maruyama, T. Sato, Tokyo City University, Japan

209.2 Online Power Auction for Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks X. Xu, L. Wang, Z. He, J. Lin, W. Xu, BUPT, China

206.3 Local Quadrature Signal and Carrier Leakage Calibration Techniques for a Mobile- WiMAX Transceiver H. Ito1, H. Nakamoto2, M. Kudo2, N. Kobayashi2, M. Marutani2, D. Yamazaki1 Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan; 2Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd., Japan


207.3 Systems Delay Characteristics of a Busy- Tone Protocol in CCA Modified, Long Range IEEE 802.11 Networks H. J. Zhu, J. Sydor, Communications Research Centre, Industry Canada, Canada

208.3 Measurement-Based Delay-and-Sum Signal Processing for Linear Antenna Arrays C. M. Schmid, R. Feger, S. Scheiblhofer, A. Stelzer, Johannes Kepler University, Austria

209.3 A Nash Bargaining Solution Based Cooperation Pattern for Open Spectrum Cognitive Radio Networks L. Wang, X. Xu, W. Xu, Z. He, J. Lin, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

206.4 A Dual-Gate 60GHz Direct up-Conversion Mixer with Active IF Balun in 65nm CMOS M. Kraemer1,2, D. Dragomirescu1,2, R. Plana CNRS; LAAS;, France; University of Toulouse; UPS, INSA, INP, ISAE; LAAS;, France


1 2

207.4 Approximation of Creeping Waves of Circular PEC Cylinders in Shadow Region N. Omaki, Z. Yun, M. F. Iskander University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

208.4 An Overview of Recent Advances in Retrodirective Antenna Arrays A. Zamora, R. T. Iwami, T. F. Chun, W. A. Shiroma, University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States

209.4 A Zero-Forcing Method for Downlink in Cognitive Multiuser MIMO System M. M. Li1, R. J. Lin1, C. Li2, H. C. Zhang1, L. Guo Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication, China; CMCC, China






13:30 15:10

206.5 Low-loss Millimeter-wave Passives on Si

  • Y.

    Uemichi, H. Hatakeyama,

  • T.

    Aizawa, Fujikura.Ltd,

Japan; S. Amakawa,

  • K.

    Okada, N. Ishihara,

  • K.

    Masu, Tokyo Institute of

Technology, Japan

209.5 Pilot-Aided Channel Estimation Method Based on Compressed Sensing and Kalman Filtering in OFDM Systems

  • W.

    Donghao, N. Kai,

  • H.

    Zhiqiang, T. Baoyu, Beijing

University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

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