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306 Special Session: Software & Hardware RF Technologies for Wireless Communications I

307 Wireless System Analysis and Education

308 Special Session: Antenna Technologies for Modern Information Society II

309 Wireless Sensor Networks II

Chair: H.-T. Chou Room: Honolulu Suite I

Chair: M. Salazar-Palma Room: Honolulu Suite II

Chair: H. Nakano Room: Honolulu Suite III

Chair: K. H. Law Room: TAPA Ballroom II

306.1 Characteristic Comparisons Between Array, Reflectarray and Elliptic Reflector Antennas in RFID near- Field Focused Communications H.-T. Chou1, T.-M. Hung1, N.-N. Wang2, H.-H. Chou1, P. Nepa Yuan ze University, Taiwan; 2Harbin Institute of Tech, China; 3University of Pisa, Italy



307.1 Use of Wireless Sensor Network on CS/CE Curriculum D. Lo, K. Qian, Southern Polytechnic State University, United States

308.1 DOA Estimation Without Antenna Characteristics Calibration for UWB Signal by Using Sub-Band Processing M. Fujimoto, S. Ohaka, T. Hori, University of Fukui, Japan

309.1 Load-Balanced Routing Scheme for TinyOS-Based Wireless Sensor Networks K. Daabaj, Murdoch University, Australia

306.2 Electromagnetic Interferences Caused by the Common-Mode Noises from Stacked I/O Connectors and Their Treatments L.-R. Kuo, H.-T. Chou, Y.- S. Lee, H.-H. Chou, Yuan ze University, Taiwan

307.2 On the Development of a Low-Cost Real-Time Remote Patient Monitoring System using a Novel Non- invasive Microwave Vital Signs Sensor N. Celik, R. Gagrin, J. Baker, H-S. Youn, M. F. Iskander University of Hawaii, USA

308.2 Gain Measurement Method for Long Antenna Using Numerical Compact Range Concept K. Komiya, R. Yamaguchi, Y. Inoue, M. Sumi, K. Cho, NTT DOCOMO, INC., Japan

309.2 A Smart Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks M. Guo, C.-T. Lo, K. Qian, Southern Polytechnic State University, United States

306.3 Adaptive Space- Time Beamforming Technique for Passive Radar System with Ultra Low Signal to Interference Ratio J.-H. Deng, J.-K. Hwang, C.-Y. Lin, S.-M. Liao, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

307.3 Broadband- Interference Rejection for Mobile Satellite Communications R. L. Musselman, US Air Force Academy, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, United States

308.3 H-Shaped Dipole Array Antenna for Broadband Operation Y. S. Seo1, S. Cheong1, H. Kim1, H. Lee2, Y. Lim1 Chonnam National University, South Korea; Dongkang College University, South Korea



309.3 Physical Layer Specification for Wireless Sensor Networks Dedicated to Evaluation of Building Energetic Performances D. Dessales, A.-M. Poussard, R. Vauzelle, N. Richard, University of Poitiers, France; F. Gaudaire, C. Martinsons, CSTB, France

306.4 A Polarization Reconfigurable Patch Array Antenna W.-J. Liao, S.-J. You, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan; H.-T. Chou, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

307.4 Novel Expressions for the One and Two Dimensional Gaussian Q- Functions P. C. Sofotasios, S. Freear, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

308.4 Anechoic Chamber Evaluation Using Microwave Optical Transceiver in Frequency Range of 1 GHz to 18 GHz M. Ameya, S. Kurokawa, AIST, Japan; N. Miyazaki, M. Mure, T. Sakai, Sumitomo Osaka Cement, Japan

309.4 Wireless Sensing and Vibration Control of Civil Structures K. H. Law, Stanford University, United States; Y. Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology, United States; A. Swartz, Michigan Technological University, United States; J. P. Lynch, University of Michigan, United States

306.5 An OFDM-Based Multipath Channel Sounding Method with Fractional Delays Resolution J.-K. Hwang, K.-H. Lin, Y.- L. Chiu, J.-D. Li, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

307.5 A Novel Representation for the Nuttall Q-Function P. C. Sofotasios, S. Freear, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

308.5 A Novel Evaluation Method for Semi-Anechoic Chamber Using Zero Biased Optical Devices and Time-Domain Analysis S. Kurokawa, M. Ameya, M. Hirose, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

309.5 MAC Layer Intelligent Split-Stream Scheme for Alleviating Congestion in Ad Hoc Networks C. Wu, F. Shao, Xidian University, China; L. Wang, Institute of China Electronic System Engineering Corporation, China



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