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402 Special Session: DoD Development of Next Generation Antennas & Wireless Tech. II

403 Tunable and Reconfigurable Passives

404 Multi-Band and Multi- Functional Antennas

405 3G/4G Wireless Technologies

Chair: J. Boksiner K. Chang Room: TAPA Ballroom II

Chair: Ahmed A. Kishk Room: Honolulu Suite I

Chair: R. W. Ziolkowski Room: Honolulu Suite II

Chair: A. Kundu Room: Honolulu Suite III

402.1 Challenges of Using Software Defined Radio Platforms in Validating Cognitive Network Concepts S. (. Samoohi, C. Graff, U.S Army, United States

403.1 Tunable Lumped- Element Notch Filter with Constant Bandwidth D. R. Jachowski, Naval Research Laboratory, United States

404.1 GPS and GSM Antenna with a Capacitive Feed for a Personal Navigator Device M. N. Islam, PULSE Finland OY, Finland

405.1 Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX for Long Distance Control of UAV Swarms B. Dusza, C. Wietfeld, TU Dortmund University, Germany

402.2 Semi-Automated Rotman Lens Design Focusing on anti-Jam Performance C. J. Meagher, R. B. Olsen, R. C. Ferro, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, United States

403.2 Varactor-Tuned Bandstop Filters with Tunable Center Frequency and Bandwidth A. C. Guyette, Naval Research Laboratory, United States

404.2 Metamaterial- Inspired, Multi-Functional, near-Field Resonant Parasitic Antennas R. W. Ziolkowski, P. Jin, C.- C. Lin, University of Arizona, United States

405.2 Design Considerations of 3-D Single Package Communicator (SPC) for Quad-Band WCDMA/GSM Cellular Phone A. Kundu, M. Megahed, Intel Corporation, United States

402.3 Spectrum Analysis System for Dynamic Spectrum Access Policy Generation J. Boksiner, C. Chrysanthou, B. Batchelor, US Army RDECOM CERDEC, United States

403.3 Wideband Tunable Stubs Using Phase Shifters A. Taslimi, K. Mouthaan, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

404.3 Multi-Band CDMA/GPS Embedded Antenna for USB Applications C.-C. Yen, P. Nysen, Sierra Wireless Inc., United States

405.3 Improvement of the Throughput-SNR Trade-off Using a 4G Adaptive MCM System I. Cho, C. Seo, G. Yoon, J. Lee, S. Portugal, I. Hwang, Chonnam National University, South Korea

402.4 Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Safety Assessment for Wireless Network after Next (WNaN) Radio Antenna M. Breckenridge, H. Suoto, J. Hoppe, T. Pursche, J. Beale, CERDEC S&TCD, United States

403.4 Reconfigurable Microwave-Band Bandpass Filter K. Kawai, H. Okazaki, S. Narahashi, NTT DOCOMO, INC., Japan

404.4 A Development of Novel Hybrid Antenna for UHF and X-Band Y. Okano, Tokyo City University, Japan; M. Takatsuka, T. Mizutani, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Japan

405.4 Performance Analysis of an Adaptive- MCM System with Combining AMC and MIMO Schemes C. Seo, I. Cho, G. Yoon, J. Lee, S. Portugal, I. Hwang, Chonnam National University, South Korea

402.5 64 Radio Node Testbed for Dynamic Spectrum Access Investigations Using GNU Radio T. Leising, D. Barton, K. Chang, M. Blair, F.Hasan, A Pavlotskiy, US Army RDECOM CERDEC, United States; D. Davis, M. Totaro, Booz Allen Hamilto Company, United States

403.5 Advances in LC Characterization with Application to Development of Mm-Wave Devices S. Bulja, D. Mirshekar- Syahkal, M. Yazdanpanahi, University of Essex, United Kingdom; R. James, S. E. Day, F. A. Fernandez, University College London, United Kingdom

404.5 Reconfigurable Dual Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for Software Defined Radio Applications I. Tekin, Sabanci University, Turkey; M. Knox, Polytechnic Institute of NYU, USA

405.5 Q-Learning Based Cognitive Network Access Scheme Y. Li, Z. Feng, P. Zhang, D. Zhang, Y. Chen, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China



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404.6 A Dual-Band Tri- Element Elliptical Patch Array Antenna for WLAN Access-Points S. M. Razavizadeh, IRIB University, Iran

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