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406 Special Session: DoD Development of Next Generation Antennas & Wireless Tech III

407 Filter Design

408 Ultra-Wideband Antennas

Chairs: J. Boksiner K. Chang Room: TAPA Ballroom II

Chairs: M. A. EL Sabbagh W. Chapell Room: Honolulu Suite I

Chair: H. Pao Room: Honolulu Suite II

406.1 Electromagnetic Modeling & Simulation for Assessing Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel (HERP) M. Lazzaro, US Army CERDEC, United States

407.1 Analysis of Tapped-in Coupling Between Combline Resonators Applicable in Wideband Filter Designs B. Mohajer-Iravani, EMWaveDev, United States; M. A. EL Sabbagh, Syracuse University, Unites States

408.1 A Circular Disc Planar UWB Antenna with a Trapezoid Ground Y. Zhang, Y. Sakurai, T. Miyashita, Ryukoku University, Japan

406.2 Wavelength-Scaled Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Multi-Function Phased Arrays R. W. Kindt, G. C. Tavik, Naval Research Laboratory, United States

407.2 A New Class of Microwave Filters Using Vertically Stacked Coupled Open Loop Resonators S. K. Hashemi, University of Essex, United Kingdom

408.2 Investigation on an UWB Antenna Combining a Caped-Monopole and a Dielectric Resonator R. Al-askalani, H. F. Hammad, The German University in Cairo, Egypt; M. Leib, University of Ulm, Germany

406.3 RF Performance of Lightweight Multi Horn Switched Beam Antennas Made of Injection Molded Plastics for Unmanned Systems A. M. Kroening, L. N. Covert, EMS Technologies, United States

407.3 Meander Open Complementary Split Ring Resonator (MOCSRR) Particles Implemented Using Coplanar Waveguides B. D. Braaten, M. A. Aziz, M. J. Schroeder, H. Li, North Dakota State University, United States

408.3 A Novel Ultra Wide- Band Loop Antenna M.-H. Yoon, Y. Shin, H.- K. Ryu, J.-M. Woo, Chungnam National University, South Korea

406.4 Miniaturization Challenges for Autonomously Phased Arrays in a CubeSat Application R. T. Iwami, B. J. Lei, T. Lim, W. G. Tonaki, T. F. Chun, A. Zamora, J. C. Longhi, M. K. Watanabe, J. M. Akagi, W. A. Shiroma, University of Hawaii, United States

407.4 Determining Resonant Frequencies of Single Dual-Mode Resonator and Its Application J. An, Y. Kim, H. Pyo, H. Lee, Y. Lim, Chonnam National University, South Korea

408.4 The Equiangular Spiral Fed by a Coplanar Microstrip Balun Covering the S, C, X, and K Bands R. P. Martin, Remote Sensing Laboratory, United States

406.5 Low Profile Arrays with Integrated Beamformers S. Weiss, Army Research Lab, United States

408.5 Characterization of Pulse Distortion and Dispersion of Spiral Antennas M. A. Elmansouri, D. S. Filipovic, University of Colorado at Boulder, United States

409.2 The Design of the Relay System Based on Interference Alignment and Block Diagonalization in Multiuser MIMO Channel C.-H. Lee1, J.-H. Lee2, H.- B. Lee1, S.-C. Kim S e o u l N a t i o n a l U n i v e r s i t y , S o u t h K o r e a ; 2 K o n g j u National University, South Korea 1 1

409.3 A Unified Relaying Structure for the MIMO Relay Network P. Yuanfeng, W. Youzheng, Wireless Multimedia Communication Laboratory, China

13:30 15:10

409 Cooperative and Relaying Technology

Chair: Z. Yun Room: Honolulu Suite III

409.1 On the Spectral Efficiency of Amplify-and- Forward Relay Systems with Adaptive M-QAM J.-W. Kwon, Y.-C. Ko, Korea University, South Korea; H.- C. Yang, University of Victoria, Canada

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